School of high school students about a person holding a knife stab 5 injured

School of high school students about a person holding a knife stab 5 injured original title: senior high school, about 5 people were injured in class because of a trivial altercation, two martial arts high school students meet in the school to "solve" the matter, then the two sides fight brawl, who took out a fruit knife wielding, cause the contradiction between the two sides and the other three students were injured. Trivia spat "solve" meet outside the school in October 24th at 9 pm, Wugong County Vocational Education Center is 300 meters in an alley, several students brawl. Witnesses said there were four or five students in the fight was stabbed with a knife. October 25th afternoon, the China Daily reporter came to the incident in the school, outside the school gate in the village, several villagers confirmed the students fight. "The alley, no lights, dark, light see figure, a large group of students in the fight." One villager said, after the teacher arrived at the school, the students dispersed, left injured students fell on the ground, then the police arrived, someone with a knife stabbed in the fight. Subsequently, the China Daily reporter rushed to the hospital to see the injured Wugong County, in fighting two students Zhang and Yang, Zhang the neck being drew a knife, a knife stabbed in the back yang. It is understood that Zhang and Yang is the main contradiction of the fighting party, and they were injured in the fight. 15 year old Zhang said that in the afternoon of October 24th, when he sat on the same table and talk, the results were criticized by the group leader. Instead of their leader Yang has chimed in leader scolded him, he called back a few words, the two sides grudges. That night, 9 am, after their evening study, Yang let him about to go outside to solve the matter. He then went to another classmate cai. Then the two sides had a fight, but I do not know why, the last fight events to upgrade, where he is a party and Yang with a group of people into a mess, in the meantime, I do not know who stabbed his neck with a knife. And living in the next ward Yang admitted and Zhang fight, he said he actually and Zhang things have been settled. Do not know who, suddenly pushed Zhang, the fight began again, then someone took out a knife, and how he hurt himself he is not very clear. The police case is under investigation on the afternoon of 25, the school official told China Daily reporter, at a time when the fight occurred after the next evening after school, school leaders and teachers at the school gate keeping school order, soon, students report that Zhang was beaten injured, they immediately rushed to the scene, but gathered the students dispersed, leaving only a knife and fell to the ground in zhang. Subsequently, the police and the injured Zhang sent to the hospital. The 5 students were injured in the fight is their school students, in addition to Zhang, Yang, Cai injured, there are also injured in the crossing of two students. Among them, 4 of the high school students, a person of high school students, they have no life-threatening injuries. At present, the matter is composed of Wugong County Public Security Bureau Chengguan dispatched to deal with, the school will then further processing, and expand the work of safety education in the school. In the Wugong County Chengguan Public Security Bureau police station, responsible person case Jun相关的主题文章: