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Swimming Scuba diving is one of the popular leisure sports around the world. The thrill of the sport is enjoyed by people belonging to different age groups and in different parts of the world. It is important to maintain safety at all times during your underwater dive. Hence, one requires quality personal dive equipment for scuba diving. Some of the important equipments for scuba diving are: Masks: It is one of the characteristic personal equipment re Scuba Diving Gear Nelson Bay quired for a dive. Dive masks assist in a good view underwater and help in keeping water out of the eyes. Masks are available in different styles and shapes. One can buy frame less masks, compact mask, high focus masks etc. Diving Exposure Suit: Protects from cuts and scrapes and retains heat so you stay comfortable. The diving exposure suits are essentially thicker wet suits to offer protection from the cold whilst underwater. Snorkels: It is an L-shaped or J-shaped snorkel used by snorkelers or shallow divers to breathe underwater using the rubber mouthpiece fitted at the lower end. The diver breathes fresh air from above the water surface with the use of the other open end of the snorkel. Diving Boots: These are special boots used for dives. They help in providing good fitting at the lowest surface and also provides support during buoyancy and underwater. Scuba Tanks – These are the heart of your equipment, scuba tanks allow you to breathe underwater and to rise, descend, hover or float at will. Diving Watches – These are simply watches used to measure the dive time. Many watches available from general stores can be used for this purpose providing they have the diving dial around the outer face and are, of course, water proof! Dive Computer – Monitors your depth and time underwater to keep you within established limits of air supply. Dive computers can come in the form of gauge looking instruments or more conveniently in a watch form. Weight and belts system – Offsets your tendency to float so you can descend gently underwater when you want to. They normally consist of a belt designed to hold specially designed lead weights. Fins: Swim fin, fins or just flippers are important for swimming or moving in water. Whether the person is swimming or diving under the water, fins aid in their movement in water. They are used by scuba divers and sports persons for water sports such as swimming, surfing, knee boarding etc. They are made in the shape of real fins and provide the same assistance to divers and swimmers. Gloves: Scuba Diving gloves are special gloves that do not allow water to come in contact with the divers’ hands. The gloves are of different types; namely, cotton gloves, wet gloves and dry gloves. In general, these gloves provide protection against water though they do not provide any thermal protection. Dive Lights – Used to look into cracks and crevices, and for diving at night. These can be in torch or spot light form depending on whether you will be holding it or it be attached to the bottom of a boat. Dive Knife – A handy tool as well as an important safety device. It is a good thing to have in case you get caught up in something. Underwater HD Camera – Used to take pictures and video of your adventures to share with your family and friends. The most popular one of these is the Go Pro Hero 2, a fantastic camera for images and recording of your deep see adventures.. Signalling Devices – Whistle, signal tube get attention of other divers or the dive boat from a distance. Scuba Gear Bag – Used to carry your dive equipment to the dive site… an obvious one really! To know more about scuba diving, please visit the site About the Author: Enjoy Scuba Diving Nelson Bay , Port Stephen with Lets Go Adventures, the highest rated PADI dive facility in the Port Stephen, Australia. Lets Go Adventures know the importance of quality scuba diving education and memorable diving experiences. Your safety and enjoyment are on priority which is why the entry level certification courses include more than bare minimum standards, with experience dives included as part of the most popular packages. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Swimming .puter Postage is given by way of a number of partner sellers, between them Postages. Also visit my website; postagemachines 相关的主题文章: