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Structured-Settlements In todays market annuities are probably the most successful product out there, bringing in more nearly $200 billion every year and that number is steadily growing. What is an annuity? Simply it is a product purchased from primarily an insurance .pany and is a set amount of money that is paid to the buyer or the buyers beneficiaries each year and is usually paid until that persons death. There are two different types of annuities. The first is an Owned Annuity which just means that you bought it yourself. The second is Structured Settlement Annuity which means that you won it through a court case. There is a .mon misconception when it .es to annuities. When most people buy these products, a few years down the line a person may find themselves in a financial jam and say, I wish I could sell my annuity and get the money I need. They believe that once they buy it thats it, that they are stuck with it for their rest of their lives. Many years ago that may have been true but in todays world that is just simply not the case. In fact, selling annuities today couldnt be easier and it can be done where it will cost you nothing. Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball. You may suddenly find yourself in financial debt or you may suddenly decide that you want to start your own business. However, more often than you would think you just may not have the money you need available. The only thing you have is your annuity. Well, you can easily sell that and easily get the money you need or want without having to explain what the money is for. By selling your annuity you can easily receive a large payment, a portion of your annuity or however much you want without having to wait for your contract with the insurance .pany to end. You wouldnt even have to pay any surrender fees that you would have to pay if you just simply tried to cancel your contract. It is just much easier to sell rather than try to cancel. You would save yourself some headaches too. By trying to cancel your annuity you may run into several risks. A few of these risks are: having to pay penalty charges by ending your contract earlier than what you had agreed upon or sometimes a .pany will just simply not let you just end your contract. This can happen especially if you just started to receive your annuity payments. By selling your annuities you immediately eliminate these two risks and are able to receive the money that you want without having to go through any hassles. Dont be fooled by others out there on the web or anywhere else claiming that selling will only cost you money in taxes or fees because that is a lie. The truth is that selling just doesnt cost you a dime. Selling is the best way to get your money whenever you need it without any questions asked. It is just plain and as simple as that. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: