Seventy fishermen catch wild sturgeon – Beijing

Seventy fishermen catch wild sturgeon – Beijing Chinese Jiangxi Reuters reporter Yang Yang photography reports: September 15th mid autumn festival day, Nanchang County Jing Kou Xiang Xiaolian village, many people in the homes of villagers Tao Youlian watch, because he caught a big guy caught". After identification, the "big guy" was the wild sturgeon, which belongs to the national animal protection, "said the panda in the water". It is reported that the day early in the morning, Tao Youlian arrived at the Fuhe River shore, the day before the fishing up, actually there is a "big guy". "I’m 70 years old and I’ve never seen a fish like this." Tao Youlian said, the fish is 1 meters long, pointy head, slender body, mouth and 4 roots. The University’s grandson Xiao Tao feel familiar, check the Internet and found it like Chinese sturgeon, then alarm. The police rushed to the scene, notify the fishery officers. "It is a national animal protection of wild sturgeon." Nanchang County Poyang Lake Bureau of fishery resources and environmental protection department bears Hin, found it after measuring 1.5 meters in length, 18 kg weight, circumference 56 cm. The same day, the police, fishery workers and villagers the sturgeon released nadekawa. According to the reporter, this is the last 20 years in Nanchang County Fu River waters for the first time found Chinese sturgeon. Fishery officers said that with the Fuhe River water quality is good and the high level this year long time and other factors.相关的主题文章: