Shanghai team to help experiment in space missions or food production in outer space

Shanghai team help space experimental tasks or outer space food production in the Tiangong two manned space mission, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics for a multi angle wide band imaging, quantum key distribution test system, higher plants incubator three load multiple tasks in space applications. Humans can not only capture the earth’s climate change unpredictably from outer space, more like "local food production in the outside of the Earth Mars rescue" in. Piercing eye space "camera" on China’s first truly laboratory space, wide band imaging spectrometer "internal force" is quite deep. The camera was mounted on the surface of the earth observation "belly" in the space laboratory, with it, "Tiangong two" can be said to have a "piercing eye" the ability to follow the change of laboratory flight angle from multiple directions of imaging. God, the camera will nonstop work space. It has two main tasks, one is to see the sea, one is to look at the atmosphere. The imaging of the near infrared spectrum of visible light has the characteristics of "map in one", that is to say, the camera can obtain the information of the image and obtain the spectral characteristic information of the object at the same time. With the increase of chlorophyll content in seawater, the general color change from blue to green, imager to remote sensing information extraction of chlorophyll pigment concentration, etc., can not only help the marine experts to accurately monitor red tide phenomenon occurs in any area, but also can estimate the primary productivity and the amount of plankton in the sea area, so as to guide the fishermen work and so on. It can also detect the sea ice and ocean currents, temperature information, and have high detection sensitivity of temperature change is one of the 40 points, about 1 DEG C, than the detection sensitivity of our existing marine remote sensing device improves a lot of times. In the atmosphere, wide band imaging spectrometer can obtain the polarization information of the detected object. Because of the characteristic of polarization of atmospheric particles (shape, size and composition) has a unique sensitivity, this advantage can help researchers to cloud and aerosol particle size, shape, thickness and other key performance parameters of micro optical properties and cloud to carry out quantitative research, have very important value for weather forecasting and climate prediction. "Alchemy furnace" output of rare materials "Tiangong two" comprehensive material testing platform will be 18 kinds of high-tech materials preparation and measurement, called "future world hero material". Can "play" so much material, natural need a versatile in the temple of the furnace". 18 samples of this heaven, each request for experimental device are not the same, according to the new requirements on the temperature field model, synthesis process control of many materials proposed, comprehensive material experimental device for the introduction of a number of innovative technologies with independent intellectual property rights. In the insulation design, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Portland patent technology, using high density spiral disc developed around direct heating of the sample, not only improves the efficiency of energy use, is convenient for the design of the temperature field of heating furnace. In order to make the heat generated by the power of the furnace to be firmly bound in the furnace, the experimental furnace adopts a multi-layer composite structure, a high-efficiency radiation heat insulation screen and a heat radiation screen.相关的主题文章: