Shenzhen housing prices soared to 46515 yuan the government intends to take measures to curb the ris ca1810

Shenzhen housing prices soared to 46515 yuan the government intends to take measures to curb rising – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin 4 at the press two meeting of the six session of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress meeting said that Shenzhen housing prices rose too fast, the Shenzhen municipal government is studying the regulation policy, to ensure that housing prices in a reasonable range. Shenzhen city planning and Land Resources Committee data show that in the year 2015, Shenzhen property market volume and price, a total turnover of 66450 new residential units, closing an area of 6 million 658 thousand and 900 square meters, an increase of 58.65% and 65.21%, the average transaction price of 33426 yuan per square meter, an increase of 39.43%. The average price of Shenzhen new houses per square metre broke through 40 thousand yuan mark in November 2015, and soared to 46515 yuan in January 2016. In response, Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin said in response to reporters: "Shenzhen housing prices rose too fast last year, and the national second tier cities housing prices direction is not consistent."." "Shenzhen is studying regulatory policies to ensure that housing prices are in reasonable ranges." Xu Qin said that there are many factors affecting the housing prices in Shenzhen, mainly including demand, supply, regulation and control policy in three aspects. With the improvement of the urban environment, more and more young families have appeared in Shenzhen, and with the improvement of income level, the desire and ability to buy houses are also improving. But in terms of supply, due to limited land space, it can not meet the rapid growth of demand. Xu Qin said that the Shenzhen municipal government on the one hand, "13th Five-Year" period to increase personnel housing projects and low-income housing construction and supply control policy on the other hand, not only to the benefit of all the people, and also makes the city prices can be in a reasonable range.

深圳房价飙至46515元 政府拟采取措施抑制上涨-搜狐新闻  据新华社电 深圳市市长许勤4日在深圳市六届人大二次会议记者会上表示,深圳房价上涨过快,深圳市政府正在研究调控政策,确保房价在合理区间。  深圳市规划和国土资源委员会数据显示,2015年全年,深圳楼市量价齐升,共成交新建商品住宅66450套,成交面积665.89万平方米,同比分别上涨58.65%和65.21%,成交均价每平方米33426元,同比增长39.43%。深圳新房每平方米成交均价2015年11月突破4万元大关,2016年1月再飙升至46515元。  对此,深圳市市长许勤在答记者问时说:“深圳去年房价上涨过快,和全国二线城市的房价方向不太一致。”“深圳正在研究调控政策,确保房价在合理区间。”  许勤说,影响深圳房价的因素比较多,主要包括需求、供给、调控政策三方面。随着城市环境的提升,深圳出现了越来越多的年轻家庭,而随着收入水平的提高,购房愿望和能力也在提升。但在供给方面,因土地空间有限,不能满足需求的快速增长。  许勤表示,深圳市政府一方面“十三五”期间加大人才安居工程和保障房建设和供应,另一方面研究调控政策,既要惠及所有民众,又要使得城市房价能够在合理区间。相关的主题文章: