Silver Age — China export silver special exhibition is exhibited at Changsha museum today — Hunan melia kreiling

"The silver age — Chinese silver export exhibition" today at the Changsha Museum – Hunan channel, Changsha on 30 September, September 30th, Changsha Museum of Chinese Civilization Exhibition Series "Silver Age — China silver export exhibition in Changsha Museum special exhibition hall free and open to the public, exhibited a total fine of export Silver 105 pieces (sets). In the history of the development of Chinese silverware, the late sale of silver, due to the limited number, scattered in all western families, was once dust laden history, mistaken for Western silverware. In 1975, the publication of the American H.A.Crosby.Forbes "China export silverware" was the only way to make the truth come true. These original artifacts came from ancient china. The appearance of export silverware in China is not accidental. In the late Qing Dynasty, the rapid development of marine trade, the strong western industrial and commercial occupation of China, but also stimulated the traditional Chinese handicraft export oriented development. The opening of the city outside the market demand based on the national characteristics of China silversmith made digging, both to meet their needs, but also has the ultimate "China beauty" China export of silver. These silverware are the witness of the old China’s overseas trade, the commemoration of the rich and colorful social life in modern times, and the material carrier of the blending of Chinese and Western cultures. The "Silver Age — China silver export exhibition" is divided into "overseas Chinese" and "Yi Mai Millennium", "charm of harmony" in three parts, with the objects themselves as the starting point, to tell the story behind the export silver background, technological characteristics and Western style story. The silver represents, is the closest of the empire is in the finish, two kinds of western culture is elegant, aesthetic and humanistic spirit of the spirit of the Chinese. The exhibition will continue on display until March 30, 2017, free time is every Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 to 17:00 (16:30 admission), every Monday. (Ceng Lu correspondent Deng Xiaoli): (to share: Luo handsome, commissioning editor Chen Qinxing)

“白银时代――中国外销银器特展”今日在长沙博物馆展出–湖南频道–人民网 人民网长沙9月30日电 9月30日,长沙博物馆中华文明特展系列“白银时代――中国外销银器特展”在长沙博物馆特展二厅对公众免费开放,共展出精美的外销银器105件(套)。 在中国的银器发展史上,晚期的外销银器由于数量有限,又散落于西方国家的各个家族,一度被历史尘封,被误认为是西方银器。1975年美国人H.A.Crosby.Forbes《中国外销银器》一书的出版,才使真相浮出水面,原来这些颇具特色的器物来自古老的中国。 中国外销银器的出现并非偶然。晚清时期,海洋贸易迅速发展,强势的西方工商业占领中国的同时,也刺激着中国传统手工业的外向性发展。基于开埠城市的外侨市场需求,中国银匠深挖民族特色,制造出了既满足他们生活需要,又具有极致“中国美”的中国外销银器。这些银器是旧中国开拓海外贸易的见证,是近代丰富多彩的社会生活的纪念,也是中西文化交融的实物载体。 此次“白银时代――中国外销银器特展”分为“海外华品”、“艺脉千年”、“意趣相融”三个部分,以器物本身为出发点,从时代背景、工艺特色、中西风格等方面来讲述外销银器背后的故事。这些银器所代表的,是离我们最近的帝国时代的余韵,是中西方两种不同优雅文化的交融,是中国人的唯美精神和人文气韵。 本次展览将持续展出至2017年3月30日,免费开放时间为每周二至周日9:00至17:00(16:30停止入场),逢周一闭馆。(曾璐 通讯员 邓晓丽) 分享到: (责编:罗帅、陈沁星)相关的主题文章: