Societe Generale 28 anniversary, Thanksgiving have you – Fitness send Hao Li stellarium

Societe Generale 28 anniversary, thank you — fitness to send Hao Li sina finance > credit card; > promotions > the industrial 28 anniversary of Thanksgiving has you fitness — send Hao Li     08 2016 25 August   09:24    banks: Industrial Bank starting and ending time: September 30, 2016 venue: Xi’an time: 2016 07 – 15 August September 30, 2016; activities: during the event at the George Woods fitness store credit card brush industrial fitness card worth 599 yuan to send a sports backpack. Merchant stores: Jie Bei Guan merchant name business address business phone George Woods building in Xi’an Kaiyuan North Building No. 31 029-62329999 George Woods building in Xi’an two road map Heyun Rong electronic 3-4 layer 029-62346666 activity rules: 1, activity is not shared with other activities in store. 2, during the event, such as POS equipment failure or other force majeure factors can not enjoy the benefits of the customer, the industrial bank does not have to bear the corresponding responsibility. 3, the activities involved in the quality of services and related issues are responsible for the activities of the corresponding business, the industrial bank does not assume any legal responsibility. 4, in the legal permission scope, the Industrial Bank reserves the right to explain the terms of this event, and have the right to cancel this activity or change, delete the rule set and took effect on the website, such as voice telephone bills, bank outlets or the media after the announcement. Comments are welcome to share:相关的主题文章: