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Sri Lanka travel Raiders: take the one and only you, have not thought about making tin Sohu tourism I love is a Nightingale, wake up at dawn in Ceylon, because in the kiss of the sun and the bustling ancient land, it sang a beautiful song. Yes, this is the honeymoon you’ve always wanted. The frontline newspaper: Journey + new play combo photo! Lotus Island in India ocean, Sri lanka. Bright colors, rich medieval atmosphere, the sea breeze. Now that you are here, why don’t you take a unique photo? Besides travel photography, away from the rigid interior photography modeling, pose or gesture. As long as you do in your own journey, it will all be too wonderful for words. This is the ancient wisdom of the land. OK, then we’ll talk about the raiders! 1 where is the best shot? The ancient city of Gore (Galle): golf is a unique city, and other places from Sri Lanka, this one is full of the spirit of art. It is located in the southwest of Sri Lanka, like summer flowers, and the old city is the gore jewel flower flowers. The old city was built on a rocky peninsula surrounded by blue waters. This is an ancient city of ancient Europe in general, city schools, churches, houses, the police and the courts, the army and a series of living facilities still arranged in good order and stable operation. Hundreds of years ago, people in the streets of the most traded, chat. Today, a large number of talented artists at home and abroad gathered in the ancient city, street cafes and art fairs to increase the life of the literary atmosphere here. Extended reading: Galle can only go to the city? Obviously you will not play! How to: take the train and bus from the train station and bus station in colombo. The Unawatuna beach in the southern coastal Unawatuna, lively and lively, breeze, blue waves, love quiet holiday for you. The transparency of sea water is high, which is suitable for swimming and sports. Relax in the hammock to see the sky, or walking on the beach of fine, you can experience the joy and peace. Sunset, lovers or bestie shared brilliant sunset, is a great blessing of life. How to: take the train and bus from the train station and bus station in colombo. 2 is the best season? The best travel season for the above two sites is November each year – the following year in May. Expand reading: a few months to Ceylon? A diagram to understand the best travel season is now Sri Lanka southwest of Sri Lanka during the dry season, precipitation. This time the sea clear blue sky. The photos are colorful and bright. But at this time to travel, be sure to bring sunscreen moisturizing cleaning supplies oh. Recommendations to the morning and evening time to play shooting, rest at noon in a romantic cafe to sit, chat with the local people, sharing travel sweet or a friend. 3 what clothes to wear? The to don’t you wear Sari Lanka? Thick.相关的主题文章: