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Summary: 9 "Japanese people love" the worst record ratings admire your noble love people Sina entertainment news last week (September 5th to September 11th) drama ratings champion is still the "true" Tian Wan River play, including Miya Yukiki on the war narrative more hot topic, and admire your distinguished "TBS" and starring Tatsuya Fujiwara ", who are gone" are broadcast last week but finally back, the average score is not high, but there are people who love drama "9" hit its worst ratings. River drama "true Tian pill" aired last week, the thirty-sixth episode of the victory and defeat, to get the results of the 16.5%, an increase of more than the previous set of 1.5%. This episode is about second times and Mada Nobushige and Ueda, brother Nobuyuki became enemies, Japan also tells the history of the famous battle of Sekigahara, Ishida Minari’s army defeated West end. Miya Yukiki did not show the specific script out of the ordinary, the battle of the battle of Sekigahara, just report the result of the war, was named the "super high-speed battle of Sekigahara", "less than a minute off the original battle detonated topic. Keiko Kitagawa starred in "woman" to sell the house last week aired ninth episodes, the ratings 12.4%, close to the highest score after the launch, and has been maintained at two digits around your rating. From the magic unusual marketing is a weekly magazine reporter exposure, company image and magic positions are facing a crisis, Wu generation is very anxious to remove the editorial requirements, at the same time, niwano and ashidachi for customers looking for a house plan also encounter difficulties. TBS drama "admire your noble" finally hit its highest ratings to 12.2%, compared with the previous week increased by 1.6%, the average audience of 10.5% complete. At the same time TV drama for the first time, Fuji Taiwan "starring Johnny artist Nakajima Yuto HOPE look forward to zero new members" 4.9% ratings. This is the actor terao after a lapse of eleven years starring drama works, eventually, the hero bear through surgery to wake up, the good news received a music contest director department into County, principals and teachings are very happy, the students are looking forward to pass the bear go back to school soon, according to his instructions before practice very hard. Asahi Taiwan two hour special drama "book" by the events of forensic medicine, Yuko Natori star, from the beginning of 1992 aired long series, aired last week is about forty-second bombs, public medicine, associate professor master two house early death investigation discipline famous painter. Last week on the list there is a special TBS drama "judge Shindoh Suke murder book", starring Hasegawa Asaharu, Ando Okmegumi bridge claw, and Meifan etc. in Hotan, occurred about aquaculture companies a murder case for money. Tatsuya Fujiwara starred in the Japanese drama series, then, who disappeared last week aired last back, the ratings of 8.5%, the total average audience rating of 8%. The play by the "UNFAIR" screenwriter Qin Jian days as a screenwriter, and Tatsuya Fujiwara movie "Apocalypse" gambling cooperation with To Higashiya as director, tells the hero tengtang a new life was stolen, shall not have been involved in various events in the story. Finally go back to the church to see the master of all key mothers.相关的主题文章: