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"Super star", gathered about 929 fresh meat you lick the screen "super star", second version of the trailer, star school bad bursting point intensive incoming Tencent entertainment entertainment media, film, video, Gushan Tencent jointly produced by Legg Mason culture day youth campus power network drama "super Gakuen" after the release of the two stars a trailer. When the distance of the show in September 29th formally launched only a week, the film side discloses a final ultimate Trailer today. The trailer is the combination of different elements before the two Trailer in the constellation: both conflict and the mystery of life, but also in the two comedy and love friendship, let people hold still before the second tension in the next breath, can be humorous piece. After watching the fans have said, "can’t wait to see the" super stars, immediately broadcast "the!" The dispute between the constellation Ophiuchus and other signs, or the main thread throughout the trailer, in the ultimate trailer, can see more people and inherit the constellation Ophiuchus black people fight scenes, also can see the different communities in the stars Gakuen heirs, eventually to fight on the same Ophiuchus a front, joined the battle showdown. In addition, this public preview, for you play between love and hate have more to show, but also let people for the stars in the story, the family, the heir disputes more curious: played by Bai Shu million adaptation and saying "only the lion Party group people to take the elevator, while carrying a bucket played by Xiao Zhan in the elevator outside party selection; played by Wu Jiacheng Shen Hao after his boxing bag, with angry saying" everything is independent of the star academy, by what do you drive?" ; Wang Yuwen played by actress Cheng Zhier and actor Fang Tianze romantic flying lanterns in the river, but with "life is so, I can not choose, is my responsibility." this somewhat helpless…… But if you think they’re all so serious, it’s a big mistake! In the next actor introduction, each character shows himself or funny or Tucao, especially spoken by Jiacheng’s Socrates valley a name "Li Ying Shang · Ange Rina · · Hanling Sakura snow plume; blood Li Chi · charm · J", believe that friends are familiar with the network novels not strange, this is Marysu’s most representative female name. At the same time, this trailer is also disclosed in various roles such as English, played by Xu Xiaolu, Huo Beibei, English named Baby Huo, played by Zhao Lei, the Russian English tip, named Ash Ma, seems nonsensical, maybe we can find the origin of these names in the play. "Super star" by "burning less group," Shaw war, Wu Jiacheng, Peng Chuyue, Bai Shu, Gu Jiacheng, Guo Zifan, Zhao Lei, Chen Zexi, Xu Xiaolu, Wang Yuwen and other young actress starring Hong Chen etc.. I believe this set of scripts and yen value for a network drama, can they laughed and lick the screen to let the audience, joy and seductive coexistence. In September 29th, and "super!相关的主题文章: