Survey 94.7% of the respondents have had pressure self reproduction situation super bass

Survey: 94.7% young people surveyed had "pressure self replicating" – Beijing "the most direct solution is to solve the anxiety, let you first feel anxiety problems, what other smoothly done or easily solved." Li Xiaowen, Professor of psychology and cognitive science at East China Normal University, said, try to relax, broaden their horizons and horizons, learn to look at the problem from another angle, it is not easy to produce pressure self reproduction". Schuhmann, director of the psychological counseling center of East China Jiaotong University suggested that you can do something simple, a sense of accomplishment, to break the vicious circle. "On the other hand, stress is a friend of ours, and we should learn to put pressure on it to avoid the pressure and stress". ——————————————————– today, many young people are complaining, "the pressure to the body is empty". Studies have shown that people do not know enough about stress, and thus lead to a vicious cycle of psychological problems, but most people do not realize. The essence of this vicious cycle, is actually the pressure of self replication, as we often say, because of anxiety and anxiety". Recently, the China Youth newspaper social survey center joint questionnaire network, a survey of 2000 young people aged 14 to 35, showed that over 94.7% of the respondents had the pressure of self reproduction. 52.3% of the respondents believe that the pressure to suppress anxiety caused by pressure superimposed pressure self reproduction". To break the pressure of self reproduction, 61.2% of respondents suggested that the establishment of a reasonable goal of youth, not demanding perfection. 94.7% of respondents had a "survey of pressure self replication", only 9.1% of the respondents were almost always aware of the vicious spiral of negative emotions, 53.8% of the respondents sometimes, 33% of respondents rarely, almost 4.2% of the respondents cannot. "I’ve been in a state of anxiety every day for the past two months." He worked in a state-owned bank since Ma Na was transferred to handle Corporate Banking Services, because not familiar with the business, beginning with stress and anxiety, "then took my teacher left, no one to help me to solve the problem. As more and more business, I am more and more pressure, anxiety is also growing". "Once I saw the teacher gave me the document, read a few paragraphs did not understand, I began to worry, the results did not look at a few pages in the afternoon." Beijing 985 college freshmen. Xu Dan, also recently experienced a "pressure self replication", "the first anxiety is just a flash in the mind, then anxiety increasingly long time, sometimes even a whole lesson the teacher confused in mind, not listening to what". If anxiety is not timely and effective adjustment, it is likely that because of anxiety and anxiety, the pressure of self reproduction. In this regard, 94.7% of respondents appeared, of which, 11.3% of respondents often appear. Only 5.3% of respondents did not have. "I’m aware of myself."相关的主题文章: