Suzhou appeared in the new public bicycle management department cautious use yvette yates

Suzhou came out of the new public bicycle management department, cautious use of public bicycles in Suzhou, we all know that green. But recently the rail Guangji Road Station exit, the emergence of a large number of new bike they were white! In terms of shape or style, looks very strange look, these bikes are where to? And does not belong to the public bicycle bike with the traditional green public bicycle is different, the car is not locked in anything, but put up a notice on the cushion: "car 1 yuan, sweep the yard ride away". 1 yuan can ride this bike ride, so do not also charge, public bike? In public bike on the side, put a piece of tips, said the white bike is paid use, does not belong to the public bike category, is a kind of market behavior, the public car carefully please. Several public bicycle system of Suzhou branch of Limited by Share Ltd. Not only to download the APP, as well as these procedures to do if the white to collect fees, then it is not easier than the general green car? Le Hui Suzhou reporter decided to borrow a small car to ride a ride to see. After sweeping the two-dimensional code, direct link to download a APP app store to borrow the car, komago with traffic to download and register use mobile phone number after the jump directly to the page but also a one-time recharge, recharge recharge after deposit deposit 299 yuan! Can’t borrow the car, also need to complete the real name authentication, enter the name, ID number and other information. Registration, recharge, real name authentication, a total of about 10 minutes before and after the time spent. How to use it? Finally, after the process is completed, the reporter also can not wait to experience a. The overall feeling is as follows: 1 meters tall female reporter riding up to feel almost the same height, but the car can not adjust the height of the seat, if it is a tall male comrade, riding up may be a little uncomfortable on the. In addition, compared with the public bicycle, no car basket, the wheel fender is not large enough, these are its shortcomings. But perhaps because the style is relatively new, but also relatively heavy, so the texture is not bad. From the cost considerations, public bicycles within one hour free of charge, and this bike for half an hour, not capped. Relevant departments are studying the management advice by the reporter, the bike belongs to a domestic bike rental company, in Shanghai has spread, just yesterday in Suzhou, currently only in a car near the Guangji road. However, compared to the traditional bus, it has an improved advantage". As long as the white line in the picture below the area, or even sidewalks, you can park and return the car. This is because the car itself with GPS positioning, so the car can be parked at the roadside public space, do not need to go to a specific location. However, since it does not belong to the public bike, so casual parked in a public area of leasing? Without the approval of relevant departments? In the event of an accident, who is responsible? The reporter consulted the Suzhou City Municipal Administration of parking management, the staff said that this business has landed in Suzhou with the top bicycle management report however, opinions haven’t come out.相关的主题文章: