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Taiwan people ask Lin Lin full apology   omnidirectional labour;: I do not know what are arteries — Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Taiwan people ask Lin Lin: I apologize omnidirectional labor routes: what are the Taiwan authorities "Premier" Lin quan. (source: "Taiwan ETTV cloud") Chinese Taiwan network October 8th news according to the "Taiwan ETTV cloud" reported that the Taiwan public opinion agency 5, review a case of a "special" and "false" labor law "to review the repair bill, just over 16 minutes," Chen Yingyong called the Committee announced that the whole 1 minutes case review completed. In this regard, there are public opinion on the question of "chief executive" Lin Quan, I am sorry that the workers have become a fact, whether it is willing to apologize to the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen to the labor? I do not know what all response routes are. Taiwan representative Chen Yijie play the movie in question, pointed out that Cai Yingwen had promised not to have the "half loyalty" event (file sent on 2014, the KMT before the legislative committee called "Zhang Qingzhong" for half a minute that many times, review) but now "law amendment" is "a Ying" with the "half loyalty" is exactly the same, whether the DPP face Cai Yingwen? Lin said that the DPP’s Legislative Yuan will be explained in this part of the "Executive Yuan", but not easy to comment. Chen Yijie then asked, I am sorry that the workers have become a fact, whether Lin is willing to apologize to Cai Yingwen for the workers? I do not know what the forest response routes apology, "apology to reason, I do not understand what are arteries". Taiwan media veteran Huang Han? 5 wrote ridicule the DPP, the past "30 seconds" thing, now it takes only 1 minutes to get to decide, "that this is" progress for 1 times than in the past. "". The article said that in the process of amending the law, Chen Ying in the "Green Committee" surrounded by layers of protection, in front of the microphone crazy read 1 minutes, and then asked, has now been completed, I would like to ask if there is no objection?" Although the "blue board" crowd in front of the rostrum shouting, "objection, objection, the meeting is invalid!" Chen Ying did not seem to hear, continue to read, "now stop answering, stop discussing." After the interview, Chen Ying explained, the scene is very noisy chaos, she did not hear objections." Huang Han? Even questioned, Chen did not hear, but full of signs for this, Chen Ying would say, do not know the site was a "dissent"?" The article thinks, if it is legal and procedures, not the night before the first "Lane hall", Chen Ying is not in the morning more than 5 points in the legislative yuan". This is a forced to send the Committee of the play, with the "half loyal" exactly the same play. (Chinese Taiwan network (Gao Xu) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: