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Ten a village on the grass-roots Party Construction: the three major challenges facing the new network in the party since eighteen, the grass-roots party construction work to promote a comprehensive, "is the biggest political party" concept. Reporter recently visited Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, interviewed ten village party secretary, to understand the grass-roots party construction situation, listen to their suggestions and thoughts to continue to strengthen the grass-roots party building. Continue to strengthen the fighting force of Fujian city of Longhai province the autumn season, the village is an idyllic scenery, lush trees between the flowing river, the ancient houses in South Fujian dovetail ridge in the sun is beautiful. But in half a year ago, it was also dry toilets, garbage, broken brick rotten tile, surrounded by illegal buildings. "The removal of illegal construction, reforming the village, usually to urban construction, town and village cadres to take the lead, but in the village, the party is the vanguard." The village Party Secretary Guo Shuifa said, the village committee of villagers, Party members contract neighbouring farmers have consciousness of publicity, demolition of illegally built, many villagers are free to participate in labor. Guo Shuifa will this change due to the grass-roots party and government better: "Party since eighteen, the mass line of educational practice," three real "special education," two a "learning and education, the grass-roots party organization’s prestige among the masses significantly improve, speak more weight." Reporters found that the role of grass-roots party organizations continue to strengthen, through promoting prosperity, improve people’s livelihood, let the masses have obtained sense; at the crucial moment was on top, endure, the grass-roots party organizations into the strong backing of the masses. Typhoon "Meranti" struck, Bo Gu village cadres in Jinjiang city a day ahead of time will enter the battle, the transfer of dangerous villagers. There are 3 people living on the slopes of the mountain, several times to persuade not to go down the mountain, until the first half of the typhoon landing, a few members of the party before the wind up the mountain, the safety of their transfer." The village Party Secretary Huang support said, "where there is danger, there is a member of the Communist party." Since eighteen Party’s comprehensive, strictly air plant at the grass-roots party organizations, "three" (the village collective funds, assets and resources) supervision system and constantly improve the self-discipline of a sword of damocles. Reporter observed that the majority of the village will be resources, assets, and other forms of notice to board in the village committee on display, the use of funds is in strict accordance with the "town village finance", small expenditures by the village party secretary, the village director signed by big spending in charge of township cadres signed before implementation. Longhai city border village party secretary had thick Fucai said, major projects inside the village, to the village committee, in accordance with the proposed resolution branch to negotiate, Party Congress for deliberation, the villagers Congress, and the public process, the results to the public "the four on two open requirements, ensure that the village villagers know everything, from the supervision of the villagers the villagers are satisfied. On the one hand is sent to socialize less, received less; on the other hand, family members and cadres lavish weddings and funerals, the less." Talk about the "four winds" change, yellow support said: "my little daughter is married at the beginning of this year, both men and women by only 25 banquet tables; at the beginning of 2012, my daughter married, I have to do is close to 100 table." )相关的主题文章: