The ancient city wall of Xichang local compression collapse just before the glutinous rice paste

Xichang city wall before partial pressure collapse just used glutinous rice slurry repair 22 days, Xichang netizens broke the news, "Xichang has just used glutinous rice slurry repair ancient city wall collapse", the news has attracted public attention. What’s going on here? Chengdu Daily reporter confirmed from Xichang City, September 19th, at 4:30 in the afternoon, Xichang city wall repair engineering of C section of the West facade local collapse, after the scene, the collapse of the length of 8 meters, the damaged area of 28 square meters, found no effect on other safety wall foundation, no casualties. Xichang, director Ma Yuping introduced to glutinous rice lime masonry wall, a long time after the maintenance of the building. Glutinous rice mortar drying relatively slow, it takes tens of days to gradually solidified, and all calcification condensation, it takes about 1 years or even longer, if it rains, this will affect the solidification of mortar. Due to the unfinished process of this city wall, waterproofing and drainage works have not yet been implemented, with the beginning of mid September began to rain several days, resulting in rainwater immersed in the wall soil layer. In September 19th, the construction party in the maintenance period is not arrived, and the use of large transport machinery on the city wall, a large number of transport and stacking of building materials in this area, excessive disturbance led to new masonry wall loose, resulting in partial pressure collapse of the wall in construction. After investigation, no major safety and quality problems were found. Now the construction unit issued a notice of rectification, in strict accordance with the ancient process and process steps to restore the collapse of the city wall, not blindly rush progress. It is understood that the collapse of the city wall is expected to be fully repaired on the afternoon of 23, the whole project is expected to be completed in December. Chengdu Daily reporter Jiang Long editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading Meikailong bridges three injured collapse

西昌古城墙局部受压垮塌 之前刚用糯米浆修复22日,有西昌网友爆料,“西昌刚用糯米浆修复的古城墙发生垮塌”,消息一出引发众人关注。这究竟怎么回事呢?成都商报记者从西昌市文管所证实,9月19日下午4时30分,西昌古城墙修复工程C段西立面墙体局部垮塌,经过现场勘查,垮塌的长度8米,受损面积28平方米,未发现对其他墙体基础构成安全影响,无人员伤亡。西昌文管所长马玉萍介绍,以糯米石灰浆砌筑墙体,砌筑后养护的时间较长。糯米灰浆干得比较慢,需要数十天才能逐渐凝固,而全部钙化凝结,更是需要大概1年甚至更长的时间,若是遇到下雨天气,这会影响灰浆的凝固。由于这段城墙工序尚未完成,防水、排水工程尚未实施,加上9月中旬开始连日降雨,致使雨水浸入墙体内部土层。9月19日,施工方在养护期未到的情况下,又使用大型运输机械开上城墙,在该部位大量转运并堆放建筑材料,扰动过大导致新砌墙体松动,致使施工中的墙体部分局部受压垮塌。经排查,未发现重大安全及质量问题。现已对施工单位下发整改通知书,严格按照古法工艺及工序步骤,恢复垮塌城墙,不能盲目抢进度。据了解,垮塌处的城墙预计在23日下午全面修复,整个工程预计12月份完工。成都商报记者 江龙编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 红星美凯龙廊桥垮塌 三人受伤相关的主题文章: