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The "anonymous" file November 22nd all the "hard" – Ding Zhicheng Feng Yuanzheng, Ding Zhicheng Wu Gang, entertainment Sohu   Sohu entertainment news 38 sets of spy war drama "nameless" will be landing in Tianjin TV happy life theatre in November 22nd, two free 19:30 every night. The play by Chinese radio and television press, Beijing Ferris wheel Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing softcastle Culture Communication Co. Ltd., a television culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced, Williams, directed by Wu Xiaofeng, written by Zhu Jinchen, Ding Zhicheng featuring general producer, producer and starring Wu Gang You Yong, the original rain, Yue Xiuqing, Feng Yuanzheng, Jiang Wu, Chi, Yang Xue, Gao Shuguang, Wang Ting, Yang Lixin, Gao Dongping, Wang Gang, Yin Guohua, Liu Jinshan, Liu Xiaoning, Shi Wenzhong, m iron increase, Liu Hui such as a public power play bone portrait of joining. "Anonymous" is mainly about money style (Ding Zhicheng ornaments) from a returnee surgeon has gradually grown into a strong communist soldier’s story. In this process, he and Wang puppet government of Suzhou Railway Station station Zheng Bohong (Wu Gang ornaments) wits, and juntong female spy Han Caiyi (original rain ornaments) love to kill, and many unknown hero against enemies, and to protect our homes and defend our country give birth to die, reproduction during the Anti Japanese war the heroes of Chinese wisdom and courage. The incarnation of Ding Zhicheng staged a uniform temptation when the first producer said "police drama" mentally and physically exhausted because in case of six groups "and the audience was known as Ding Zhicheng, who played in the life-saving mission of the surgeon in money style" anonymous ". At the same time, as a communist soldier, he must take up arms, deep Wang puppet government Suzhou Railway Station to steal information, and not face Shenglisibie flesh and blood flying in all directions. Ding Zhicheng with superb acting will struggle with money style between the two roles of pain and in the national crisis, decided to give up his tranquil life, "just abandoned medicine" Sommersby are most incisive interpretation. The money style has multiple identities, Xiwai Ding Zhicheng is a producer, producer, starring three identities. In the filming process in shaping the role, he also needs to save the crew size matters, almost every day only two or three hours of sleep time, in this regard, Ding Zhicheng himself has said, "the nameless" let him experience a feeling of respect "mentally and physically exhausted, in order to make a good movie, is really hard". Wang Gang high winter rain plain "Wuhu first screen theater" elite team poly Biao acting a "Uncle style" it is worth mentioning that the "unknown" or "art of Wuhu" thirty years from the first screen of poly. Has successfully created the film "Iron Man" in Wang Jinxi, "hidden" in the classic role of Mount Wu Gang, in the incarnation of Ayutthaya deep Wang puppet government of Suzhou Railway Station station Zheng Bohong, Yuhenantian, ruthless people shiver all over though not cold. Feng Yuanzheng was known to the audience for "don’t talk to strangers" in the home and this is, Ding Zhicheng appointed interpretation of positive character, played in Yanan political commissar Li, passionate, courageous and knowledgeable, people look forward to. In the film "Twelve citizens" in the excellent performance of the high.相关的主题文章: