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Balance cannot balance can not recharge back Mobell bicycle works that recharge explain back to the v-mobile bike to explain? Mobell admit not set "prepaid fare refund options, but the future will increase the recharge description identification. Hua Fengyi held a press conference on October 27th, v-mobile announced to enter the market in Guangzhou. Thus, v-mobile bicycle have entered Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou three city. In the face of bike sharing fierce market battle, to speed up the city Mobell expanded. But in the business expansion at the same time, also encountered many problems such as service, server downtime from time to time, such as users illegally parked in violation of traffic rules. The latest problem is that the user does not return to the charge of the dispute. October 24th, Morning News reported on the "Mobell recharge process requirements can not be returned". Reported that the user intends to have Ms. He charged into the v-mobile bicycle accounts of the money returned; 299 yuan deposit return soon, but a few yuan fare pre recharge, recharge "no fare refund option". Reported that the recharge instructions in the refund is not obvious enough, may lead to some users are not fully informed. Mobell 24 day given in the official micro-blog response does not set "Mobell admit bike fare refund recharge options". But at the same time, v-mobile said, App in the pop-up "recharge" to remind the user: "can only be used to recharge the fare to ride, can not be returned." Well, the user can select the v-mobile Bike 1 yuan recharge custom. Prepaid balance will be retained in the user account name, re payment of deposit, you can activate the use of. However, in the 27 day of the Guangzhou conference, news reporters to the v-mobile bicycle CEO interface Wang Xiaofeng confirmation, the other replies "299 pieces of the deposit can be directly returned, 5 yuan of direct recharge can also return to the original road, but if the remaining 4, you need to ask for help in artificial refund. Mobell always is refundable, but less than the balance of 5 dollars to online return currently belongs to small defects, later will make." However, Wang Xiaofeng commented on micro-blog shows that the v-mobile at present actually does not support the charging balance refund, said it would technically solve. In addition to the v-mobile interface journalist bicycle PR person in charge of confirmation, the other said on the official micro-blog recharge statement, issued shall prevail. In the latest version of the v-mobile bicycle App, press select interface recharge, and did not directly inform that prepaid users can not refund the fare. But there is a line at the bottom, "click to recharge, that have read and agree to recharge instructions, click" continue to recharge, we can see that "prepaid fare can only be used for riding, clear tips can not be returned oh". The Internet platform in the establishment of user registration service relationship, usually prompts the user to read the agreement, users need to check in order to continue, while the v-mobile approach is equivalent to the direct default user agreement, and many users often ignore reading protocol. In addition, App can easily find a deposit refund channel, and there is no balance of the refund channel theory相关的主题文章: