The base station built in the government compound, 42 dial thousands of pounds of governance rainlendar

The station was built on the government compound, "42 dial Jack governance" of the original title: the base station built in the government compound, "42 pounds" type management author: Nandu editorial recently, following the Sanya municipal compound to open the mobile communication base station construction, is located in the Sanya municipal government office compound in the base station successfully completed. Since then, the Sanya municipal government office building has built a mobile communication base station. The construction of a communication base station was completed, originally not news, even if the base station built in the municipal government compound, it is not worth making a fuss. But today, a lot of people on the base of the communication base to avoid the background, the Sanya municipal government’s move, there is reason to become the news, and even become a hot topic to share. The general public’s rejection of the communication base station is similar to the desire of the communication signal. On the one hand, people complain that the mobile communication signal is too weak, on the other hand, but to build their own base station in the cell dissatisfaction. In some places, even surrounded by people around the siege of construction workers, petition, the impact of the government’s behavior, in order to force the operator to dismantle the construction of half of the base station, or directly hit the base station and other communication facilities. In the whole process of China’s urbanization, communication base stations, landfill or incineration, nuclear power plants, chemical bases and other public hazards may have been the project, have encountered a universal boycott. The reason for this contradiction, of course, and a considerable part of the public’s scientific literacy, lack of awareness. The radiation emitted by the base station as an example, Zheng Kanceng, associate professor at the school of information and communication engineering Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications explained: the base station density increases, a single base station service area is reduced, the transmission power of the base station equipment to reduce, but will reduce the radiation. In addition, the base station density, cell phone signal is strong, sending power will be reduced. Lower transmission power, mobile phone radiation will naturally reduce. Mastered the law of science can know that a certain range is not the less the better base station. More importantly, the base station electromagnetic radiation intensity and the inverse square of the distance, that is to say, the transmitter station is high, the impact on the human body is smaller than the distance where the intensity and distance of 10 meters to 1 meters, the radiation intensity is reduced by a factor of 100. According to the professional measurement results, 20 meters away from the base station, the measured electromagnetic radiation is 0. While the domestic water heating small electromagnetic oven, electromagnetic radiation is 19.84uT, is nearly 2000 times the base station. Home computer electromagnetic radiation is 1.13uT, 113 times the base station. Thus, the radiation hazards of the base station has been seriously enlarged. However, the scientific literacy is only one, because the base station is not only the construction of a, as well as the maintenance of the late, as well as the publicity of the project before the construction of the base station. Although the base station can not be called a big project, but still need to follow the implementation of democratic, open process. Because the people involved in the process, there will be more or less worried. So, in addition to the popularization of scientific knowledge, but also need the government authority down, as the Sanya municipal government, the station will be built in the disputed area of public administration, with the authority of the government to reveal all the details of trust. Sanya municipal government set an example, showing at least two important significance. First, any scientific Hao相关的主题文章: