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The driver was found dead when the corpse has been rotten – according to the Anhui Daily reported in September 22nd 20:30 made an online news Beijing in the windows closed car, Hefei city high railway and Lake Road intersection with a broken road south, a man died in a Volkswagen car, was found when the body has decomposed. Preliminary investigation by the police, the cause of death of the man or a closed compartment to open the air conditioning when sleeping, inhalation of excessive carbon monoxide emissions caused by the engine. The day 20:30 Xu, Hefei public Tsang found work passing through intersections, in a broken road near the intersection, a Volkswagen car parked for several days. He leaned a look, see the car under the ground has a pool of blood, but also smell a stench, immediately alarm. After police arrived immediately cordoned off the scene, and then rushed to the 120 medical staff confirmed that the man had died. The insider told reporters, someone’s mass outside the car door for intact, locked state, windows closed, no pry marks. In the car, the clothes lying on the back seat. According to informed sources, from the dead face no signs of struggle, there is no obvious trauma, has ruled out homicide, the death time of about 8 days ago. The police did not find a suicide note and other objects in the car. According to insiders, the deceased Jia Qiang (a pseudonym), 50 years old, living in Yaohai district. Involved in the mass car owned by a catering company in Hefei, Jia Qiang is the driver of the car. Currently, police are dealing with the aftermath of the families of the deceased. Before the incident, the man will be alone in the car? Yesterday, the person in charge of the matter, said Jia Qiang, the cause of death or in a closed state in the car, after the opening of the air conditioning led to excessive carbon monoxide death. Hefei 120 emergency personnel told reporters, many owners love park open air nap in the car, this is very dangerous, the sealing performance of car window is now very good, the car in a suspended state, long time running the engine emissions of carbon monoxide will be gathered in the car, and the personnel inside the vehicle and exhaled carbon dioxide mixed, lead to reduced oxygen. For a long time, leading to the car inside the unconscious carbon monoxide poisoning." 120 emergency personnel to remind the owner is best not to stay in the car for a long time to rest, often to roll down the windows, so that the car inside and outside the air convection.相关的主题文章: