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The girl spent 2 million in the American administration leg sigh: or domestic cheap and convenient in June this year, the 19 year old Wuhan girl Lulu (a pseudonym) travel to the United States, but suffered a car accident hurt my knee. 3 months, she spent nearly 2 million yuan for surgery and rehabilitation treatment, still can not walk, personally felt the United States "difficult medical treatment", had to go back to Wuhan to see a doctor. Yesterday, Lulu told reporters in a lingering fear, or in the domestic treatment better. In the United States spend 2 million no effect, Lulu is a freshman in Wuhan University students. In June this year, she travel to the United States after parental consent, live in virginia. In June 19th, she rode her bicycle out to buy something. After a road, a car knocked her down, and her knees and waist couldn’t move. The accident party sent her to the hospital. After diagnosis, Lulu left knee joint multiple ligament injury, waist slightly fracture, need surgery. 6 days later, the doctor gave her a ligament repair operation. The operation lasted nearly 8 hours. During this period, she only met the doctor two times, once after surgery, once before discharge. Before leaving the hospital, Lulu told the doctor that the knee was still painful and could not move. The doctor asked her to seek rehabilitation and rehabilitation training after she was discharged from hospital. After leaving the hospital, Lulu found a rehabilitation facility near the hospital and ordered two rehabilitation sessions a week. But one month later, the left knee is still difficult to move. At the same time, Lulu medical expenses in the United States has reached more than 30 million dollars, equivalent to nearly 2 million yuan. Home treatment of rapid recovery in desperation, in early September this year, Lulu parents she had to be back to Wuhan. By a hospital in Wuhan inspection and diagnosis, Lulu left knee after surgery, there was ligament adhesion, resulting in joint stiffness, range of motion less than 30 degrees, so the leg can not stand straight, must be joint lysis surgery. Knee stiffness is caused by postoperative rehabilitation training is not in place. After the operation and a week of rehabilitation treatment, Lulu left knee recovered well, the current range of motion has reached nearly 120 degrees, the bending function of the knee has been basically restored. Lulu told reporters yesterday that he was going to leave the hospital. "Domestic medical treatment is cheap and convenient". After having undergone two operations and rehabilitation treatment at home and abroad, I have to say that it is cheaper and more convenient to see a doctor at home. Because after the completion of surgery in the country, the surgeon rounds every day, and then hand to teach you rehabilitation training, while in foreign countries, rehabilitation training is usually more than two weeks ahead of schedule to make an appointment." According to the medical staff, now more and more Chinese people go abroad to work on family travel, some were injured in the accident is difficult to enjoy the local medical care, expensive medical and language difficulties in communication, and the differences between the medical concept and approach, resulting in more and more people will choose to fly home treatment after injury. (reporter Hu Caili correspondent Jing Tongfang Yu Shun)

姑娘在美治腿伤花200万 感叹:还是国内便宜方便今年6月,19岁的武汉女孩露露(化名)去美国游学,不料遭遇车祸伤了膝关节。3个月来,她花费近200万元做手术和康复治疗,依然不能行走,亲自体会到了美国的“就医难”,只好回武汉看病。昨日,露露心有余悸地告诉记者,还是在国内治病更好些。在美花200万没见效果露露是武汉某大学一年级学生。今年6月,她经父母同意后去美国游学,住在佛吉尼亚。6月19日,她骑自行车出门买东西,经过一条马路时,一辆小车将她撞倒,膝盖和腰都不能动了。肇事方将她送到医院。经诊断,露露左膝关节多处韧带损伤,腰部有轻微骨折,需要手术。6天后,医生为她进行了韧带修复手术。手术进行了近8个小时。在此期间,她只见过医生两次,一次是手术后,一次是出院前。出院前,露露告诉医生,膝盖仍然有些痛,而且不能活动。医生要她出院后找康复机构,进行康复训练。出院后,露露找到医院附近的一家康复机构,每周预约两次康复训练。可一个月下来,左腿膝盖仍然活动困难。与此同时,露露在美国的医药开销已达到30余万美金,相当于人民币近200万元。回国治疗 迅速康复无奈之下,今年9月初,露露父母只好将她接回武汉。经武汉某医院检查诊断,露露左膝在做过手术后,出现了韧带粘连,导致关节僵硬,活动范围不到30度,所以腿不能站直,必须进行关节松解手术。膝关节僵硬是术后康复训练不到位所致。经过手术和一周的康复治疗后,露露左膝恢复良好,目前活动范围已达到近120度,膝关节的弯曲功能已基本恢复。昨天露露告诉记者,自己即将出院。“国内看病便宜又方便”“在经历了国内外两次手术和康复治疗后,我不得不说,还是国内看病更便宜更方便。因为在国内做完手术后,手术医生每天都会查房,然后手把手地教你康复训练,而在国外,康复训练往往要提前两周以上才能预约到。”据医方工作人员介绍,现在出国工作探亲旅游的华人越来越多,有的意外受伤后很难享受当地医疗保障,昂贵的医疗费加上语言沟通上的困难,以及医疗方式和观念上存在的差异,致使越来越多人受伤后会选择飞回国治疗。(记者胡彩丽 通讯员荆彤 方禹舜)相关的主题文章: