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In | grape planting in traditional, organic and biological dynamics – Sohu and Abstract: compared with the traditional methods of grape cultivation, organic cultivation method is considered more environmentally friendly, but its effect on the quality of Wine is until recently began to be attention. Red wine world network (micro signal: @wine-world) today from this perspective to talk about the traditional grape planting, organic and biodynamic. Nowadays, Viticulture (Organic) has been the concern of more and more wine producing countries, and even the industry believes that the future trend of development. Compared with the traditional way of grape cultivation, organic farming model to be closer to nature. Greg Nord (Reganold) team that organic farming can reduce soil erosion, maintain deep topsoil, and stimulate biological activity; (Mader) Research Report from the Mader team that organic cultivation could improve the utilization rate of resources, promoting the precession of plant diversity. So, what about the impact of wine? Most of the research will be based on the organic cultivation of the impact on the environment, as to the impact of different planting methods on the grape itself has not been studied in recent years. The United States and France’s three schools jointly launched in California (California) of Wine score project was collected on "Wine advocate" (The Wine Advocate), "Wine observer" (Wine Spectator) and "Wine lovers" (Wine Enthusiast) three authoritative magazines and a total of 74148 scores, the results showed that organic Wine score 0.46 points higher than the traditional Wine. The project starting from the score of the angle, had a positive impact on the quality of organic farming Wine can be proved by the third party objective score data, but cannot explain the relationship between style and Wine cultivation quality. Verify the Greek · Australia and Germany data; Collins (Cassandra Collins) for 6 years on the trail of Australia a Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon) vineyard, comparative study, traditional organic and biological dynamics (Biodynamic) model under the 3 planting grapes produced in the pulp and peel of components, and a Wine respectively. A professional jury, for the blind. The results show that organic and biodynamic farming vines yield lower than that of the traditional cultivation method for plant fruit; in the level, although there is no obvious difference between the three mode output of grape pulp, but the composition of the existence of differences in pericarp. Blind tasting of the professional jury results also showed that organic and biodynamic Wine in connotation, structure, complexity and vitality more. Delin (Doring) and the team launched a similar experiment in germany. They tracked the physiological and disease resistance of Riesling (Riesling) vines for three consecutive seasons!相关的主题文章: