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The man hit the bacchanal even bite two people passers-by forehead bitten out of a pit man after drinking shuajiu Feng, taxi drivers will also get off after the bite, a passerby forehead bite out of an egg sized pit. Fortunately, Qiaokou Hanzheng Street Public Security Bureau police station rushed to the police, to prevent the worsening of trouble, will Dingmou control. The day before yesterday at 1, the brother of Master Liu Qiaokou after the tea market, a pair of young men and women for men to fight, was drunk, he said. Two people on the bus, the man also often make a girlfriend. Master Liu in the eyes, don’t stop persuasion, can the man ignored. When the car driving to the destination of Ji’nan Road, the man did not get off to Mr. Liu kicking, Liu put down his leg, man bit Master Liu right arm. Master Liu immediately get off the alarm. Soon, Qiaokou District Public Security Bureau of Hanzheng Street police station police and police spoke high Changfu Wu Lei rushed to the scene, saw a man and another man in a fight, one middle-aged man forehead the size of an egg wound, spattered with blood. In critical condition, two people quickly stepped forward to separate the two sides, and the young man Dingmou control. Because of the many onlookers, both called friends and family, the scene was very chaotic, hurriedly call high Changfu patrolling in the vicinity of the Gong Sheng group to reinforce overtaking. A crew of two parties together over Lee police station. Master Liu introduced, man Dingmou off after supper after the middle-aged man pushing the car through here, somehow, Ding suddenly with a middle-aged man to fight each other, forehead bite, blood dc. The injured have been hospitalized, troublemakers have been in administrative detention by the police. (reporter Lin Jing correspondent Li Cong Luo Jing)

男子打的发酒疯连咬两人 将路人额头咬出一个坑男子喝酒后耍酒疯,打的时咬伤司机,下车后还将一名路人额头咬出一个鸡蛋大小的坑。庆幸的是,硚口公安分局汉正街警务站民警赶到,阻止事态扩大,将滋事的丁某控制住。前日凌晨 1 点,的哥刘师傅经过硚口茶叶市场,一对年轻男女要求打的,男子明显喝过酒,胡乱说着话。两人上车后,男子还时不时打女朋友。刘师傅看在眼里,不停劝说,可男子不理。当车行驶到目的地利济南路时,男子却不下车,对着刘先生拳脚相加,刘先生一把按住他的腿,男子一口咬住刘师傅右手臂。刘师傅当即下车报警。很快,硚口区公安分局汉正街警务站民警高长福和辐警吴磊赶到现场,看到一名男子和另一名男子在打架,其中一个中年男子前额有一个鸡蛋大小的伤口,身上溅满血迹。情况危急,两人迅速上前将双方分开,并将年轻男子丁某控制。由于当时围观群众很多,双方都叫来了朋友、家人,场面十分混乱,高长福连忙呼叫在附近巡逻的龚胜超车组前来增援。两个车组一起将双方当事人移交利济派出所。刘师傅介绍,男子丁某下车后,中年男子宵夜完推着电动车经过此处,不知怎么回事,丁某突然跟中年男子打起来,将对方额头咬了一口,鲜血直流。目前伤者已就医,滋事者已被警方行政拘留。(记者林晶 通讯员李聪 罗京)相关的主题文章: