The man suspected of illegally built neighbors reported for chopped street each other

The man suspected of illegally built for neighbors reported chopped street the other original title: suspicious neighbors reported for illegally built chopped street the other Chinese daily news (reporter Yang Tuo) contracted in stolen houses be dealt with the relevant departments, the man suspected to be a neighbor to report, he asked a friend to find someone to teach each other, the first by a neighbor to escape, 3 days later people with a knife chopped street neighbor. At present, the 4 suspects involved in the case of the Linwei police have been legally detention. The people on the streets to buy Roasted Duck was 4 men riding a motorcycle with a knife chopped the morning of October 13th, the Weinan Municipal Public Security Bureau Linwei branch held a "8 / 14" case of intentional injury news briefing, deputy director of the bureau Party committee member, Zhang Zhanhong informed the relevant circumstances of the case. August 14th at 9 am, in Weinan City Dongfeng Street and Jiefang Road cross East, left in a roast duck restaurant door was chopped. After receiving the alarm, Linwei branch of Jiefang Road police station rushed to the scene and found the left is covered with blood, the body with multiple injuries, the assailant had fled the scene, but also the suspect left a machete. Police sent the injured to hospital, Linwei branch quickly set up a task force to investigate. To be in stable condition, the police initially asked that left Mr. day to a Roasted Duck shop Dongfeng Street shopping, just pay ready to leave, was 4 wearing a motorcycle helmet man a knife, 4 people in the attack immediately after driving a motorcycle to the East. "The victim could not tell why he was chopped." Involved in the case of a police briefing, after visits to witnesses, did not find valuable clues. Residents living in the village of Mr. left reflect, Mr. left usually friendly, but also did not see the contradiction with others. In the police during the investigation, Mr. Zuo also said that in August 10th he was driving out after the tricycle Weihe levee, was 4 men wearing masks, holding sticks of young weizhui, after driving escape, thought someone robbed not alarm. The neighbors reported two suspected illegal attack to revenge the police informed the accident, investigation on the left of the social relations after its neighbor mengmou illegal building by the relevant departments investigate, after mengmou had threatened to retaliate in the village of informants. According to this clue, the police immediately conducted an investigation, and ultimately determine the identity of several suspects involved. September 21st, more than a group of police in Huayin, Linwei and other places, will be a Meng, Zhang, Wang and Deng et al captured, and seized a motorcycle. The police found the suspects identity verification in mengmou, was jailed for murder, after their release, Zhang et al. Also because the criminal was treated by police. The investigation, mengmou illegal building at many times by the relevant departments to investigate, they suspected that the left neighbor report led to mr.. Zhang mengmou and friends, two people premeditated revenge on Mr. Wang left, gathered, Dengmou 4 people to hurt, which in August 10th the first attack attempt, in August 14th again, in the street will be left, chopped. October 13th in the detention center, Zhang confessed just want to scare about, did not expect such a 8相关的主题文章: