The more beautiful the Hornets a new generation of komaro real analytic car Sohu zhongguorentiyishu

The more beautiful the Hornets a new generation of komaro real analytic car Sohu [car] agency Sohu figure sixth generation of Chevrolet komaro in September 20th has been officially released, but today we finally feel close to the new muscle guy. Different from the current model, the new car is identical with the Cadillac ATS-L Alpha platform to build on, and equipped with 2.0T+8AT power combination. This may mean that the price of the new car will be significantly reduced in the domestic market, the real meaning of the civilian car. Chevrolet komaro born since 1966, has experienced the evolution of six generation models, although strictly speaking, Ke Mailuo does not count as a "muscle car" (Muscle), can only be called "pony car" (Pony), but this does not hinder the beauty itself comes out of breath. Even if this generation of komaro has a lot of "soft", but it still have a European performance car have become an instant "newhalf" aura. I believe that most consumers is the Chinese role from the 2007 film "Transformers" which recognizes Ke Mailuo hornet. Prior to most people’s understanding of the performance of the United States is still inseparable from the heavy car, rough… Such words. But in the film, bumblebee the heroine left out of the bus, and became the fifth generation of scanning komaro reentry, slowly stopped, when BGM rang, cinema in an uproar. I believe we are not unfamiliar with this fragment, a U.S. Department of performance cars can actually do so beautiful, stylish. After a year of waiting, a new generation of Chevrolet Ke Mailuo finally login China market, full of modern style appearance more beautiful, sharp lines continue to maintain a strong sense of muscle, the redesigned grille lamp collocation for the new style, the vision is more aggressive than the current model. New Ke Mailuo on the grid is better than the current narrow lot, and the net grid were widened, making the visual focus of the lower, Dazui shape is also more domineering. The headlights become small and exquisite many, and joined the growing LED driving lights, concise and full of aura; the original fog lights were canceled, into the air flow through a unit before and after. Slightly cocked tail is still vibrant, with new taillights flat design and headlamps echoes, small tail collocation foil good sports fan. New Ke Mailuo body length and width and height are respectively 47481897 1348mm, wheelbase 2811mm, reduced the overall ratio of cash, but in the vision is more efficient, to get rid of excess fat can effectively improve handling. Five pieces of double 20 inch wheels modelling is simple but very engaging, tire size is 24540 R20, the only way of Bigfoot was worthy of komaro muscle car temperament. Selected "Ward ten interior" of the new interior design impressive, this is the replacement of the biggest change, the overall fighting spirit is very rich, but also rich sense of science and technology. Three flat bottomed steering wheel feel very good, both sides of the multi-function button is also very easy to use. Steering wheel bottom.相关的主题文章: