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The new standard: this baby lotion has been banned, do not buy the precious mother – Sohu maternal infant baby lotion, laundry soap has become a necessity for many families. However, in September 2nd the FDA issued a ban on the sale of certain antibacterial ingredients, including the so-called anti-bacterial ingredients not only useless, but also may cause serious harm to the baby. The news caused an uproar, most of the time we actually is, by advertisers led by the nose, in the end only regret. The press conference review: in September 2, 2016 the United States announced FDA, made a final judgment in the safety and efficacy of antibacterial soap, "antibacterial bath product award" will be a comprehensive ban contains 19 kinds of antibacterial component. Information points: 1 press conference that many consumers influenced by advertising that antibacterial bath product can prevent the propagation of bacteria effect, but in fact there is no scientific evidence — compared with the ordinary bathing products or water is more important. 2 in fact, many data show that the long-term use of antimicrobial products containing more harm than good! Which ingredients contain antibacterial wash products have been disabled? The most common ingredient is "three triclosan" and "three of these two kinds of Azkaban, antibacterial components are widely used in all kinds of soap, shower gel and liquid soap and bath products. China’s listed bath products, such as safeguard, dew, blue moon, "Pigeon" brand baby laundry soap and many other main antibacterial bath products, its ingredients have "three chlorine Azkaban" etc.. "Three triclosan" is also widely used in toothpaste, soap, soap, health, sanitary lotion, hand sanitizer etc.. What are the effects of these antimicrobial products on health? The ban on 19 kinds of antimicrobial products can be traced back to 2013, but it was not until September 2nd this year that the ban was clear, the process of twists and turns. In recent years, these manufacturers not only can not provide effective antibacterial bath products, on the contrary, more and more studies confirm that long-term exposure to contain antibacterial ingredients (mainly containing three triclosan and three chlorine Azkaban ") the bath product may increase the risk of urinary dysfunction and bacterial resistance. Especially for the baby: 1 of the three endocrine disrupting effects of chlorine may affect the growth and development of children. 2 three triclosan and three chloride can induce DNA damage in Azkaban human liver cells, and showed significant dose effect and time effect relationships. 3 three chlorine can increase mammalian hormone secretion in Azkaban, the interference caused by human reproduction, methemoglobinemia. More studies have shown that the higher the education level, the higher the social status, the higher the concentration of three chlorine in urine. What kind of lotion do you use? 1 common cleaning products and water is considered to be one of the most effective ways to prevent disease and prevent germs from spreading to others. 2 if you are not able to use regular cleaning products and water, it is recommended that the use of fast disinfection hand sanitizer, such as at least 60% of the alcohol containing disinfectant hand sanitizer. Note: the ban for containing the following 19 specific active ingredients of the bath products: halogen in Azkaban相关的主题文章: