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With no community doctors (  medical reform implementation — Inner Mongolia channel tracking) – "before a year to run several times in the hospital, now the community health service center doctors two times a month door-to-door service, I don’t have to run to the hospital." 79 year old Lin Shunfa lived in Fujian at the Xiamen community, has many years of history of diabetes. In a community center experts Zuozhen, complications of diabetes experts in Xiamen Ophthalmic Center for the diagnosis of diseases of fundus retinopathy he this very easily overlooked, through effective treatment, the elderly eyesight recovery from 0.1 to 0.6. At home, doctors diagnosis and treatment, Lin Shunfa elderly to enjoy the convenience of grading treatment reform due to the innovation of Xiamen. Xiamen chronic disease patients accounted for three of the city’s hospital outpatient volume of 80%. The most common hypertension, diabetes, for example, more than 20% of the patients are only open to maintain routine treatment." Xiamen Wei Planning Commission Director Yang Shuyu introduced, this situation has been so that primary health care resources can not be fully operational, three hospitals and excessive consumption of resources. Since 2012, Xiamen began to explore the "hospital community integration services for patients with chronic disease, with chronic disease in hypertension and diabetes as a starting point, a set of acute and chronic treatment the grading treatment system has been established gradually. "Three division management" is a key step of activation pond." Yang Shuyu said. The so-called three division co management, which is composed of a large hospital specialist, grassroots family physicians and health management team together to form a team service model. The specialist is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment, and teaching, guiding grassroots practitioners; general practitioner responsible for implementation and execution of the disease treatment, routine monitoring and two-way referral; behavioral intervention of health management division is focused on health education and patients. Not only the formation of medical integration, prevention and control of the service model, the upper and lower linkage is also a good solution to the patient’s trust." Grading clinics, sinking grassroots, solid progress is inseparable from the grassroots, hospitals and patients three key points. Let the grassroots to live". Strengthen the professional strength on the one hand, every year for a period of 3 months of chronic disease prevention knowledge of basic medical staff training within the city; the establishment of a basic assessment and incentive mechanism, focusing on assessment of delay service, "three masters condominium" grading clinics and family doctors signed index, incremental reward. Let the hospital put down". On the one hand, the reform of subsidies assessment mechanism, the original three hospitals on outpatient amount of subsidy, adjusted for the implementation of grading treatment and performance linked financial subsidy mechanism to the big hospital; on the one hand, adjusting the price of medical services, drug zero addition, 1157 adjustment of medical service price synchronization, reflected on the technical service and reasonable price, to guide the patients to the nearest doctor. Let the patient "willing to go". The implementation of differential pricing and reimbursement policies, in the three hospital outpatient treatment of self paid ratio of 30%, at the grassroots level alone to pay personal visits to pay for the treatment of 7%. At the same time, the development of multi system, ten kinds of core diseases based on the basic disease directory, clear clinical pathway and referral standards, so that the quality of primary and secondary diagnosis and treatment of quality control, safety norms. Multi tube相关的主题文章: