The president of South Africa complained about being humiliated as a criminal in the National Assemb hamimelon

South African President complained as criminal trial – Sohu news data figure in the national assembly under zuma. China News Agency reporter photo China News Agency, Johannesburg, September, 13 ( ): (reporter Song Fangcan), every time I come here (the National Assembly), will be some of the members of your parliament to shame. I’m not here to answer the question. I’m sitting here more like a criminal." In September 13th, South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma? In the national assembly of large inverted grievances. Zuma since the second presidential term began in 2014 is non continuous, often criticized the opposition members in the house decoration, corruption in state-owned enterprises and economic development. In addition, he led the ANC in South Africa for the first time in the local elections lost power administrative capital Pretoria, the largest city of Johannesburg and other cities, so he will bear great pressure in the party. In 13, Zuma before answering the question, the third largest party in Parliament economic freedom fighters of the party and the people’s Congress members of the collective leave, and refused to listen to Mr Zuma’s answer. The economic freedom fighters party leader Malema said: "when the criminal is gone, we come back again. We don’t want to listen to the criminal." Previously, people’s Congress once tried to stop Zuma speech, citing his "poor reputation". The end part of the question in the parliament, Mr Zuma told the national assembly, completely ignoring his concerns to let him go, is not fair. He called on the national assembly to take some action to prevent it from happening, and to ensure that he would no longer face those who did not respect the national assembly. "I have to sit here and wait for the argument to end. You have to do something. If you don’t care about my answer, you have to say it, and don’t call me." In the left to speak I said zuma. In the inquiry, Jacob Zuma on South African Airways and the loss of the state-owned enterprises, the office of the president and the Ministry of internal relations and answered the questions raised by the members. Mai Ma Nitti, chairman of the largest opposition Democratic Alliance, asked: "do you have any different opinions with the vice president? What would you like to do to end the war?" He denied this: "what a war?" "There is no war between the presidential palace and the Treasury," he added." Zuma also South Africa’s sovereign credit may be relegated to a published opinion, given 9 point response plan. He pointed out that the South African economy grew by 3.3% in the second quarter, "this is a good sign." He said with a smile: "our collective efforts are producing good results. We are sending a good signal to investors and rating agencies." Author: Song Fangcan相关的主题文章: