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Health There are thousands of people around the world who suffer from tinnitus. It is .monly known as ringing in/of the ears. Sleepless nights and irritability mar the lives of the afflicted. Here are three proven tinnitus remedies that you can get utilize and finally find relief for your tinnitus problem. 1. There is a tinnitus remedy called the tinnitus retraining therapy that reduces the interference of the ringing sound by retraining the pitch that ear starts to listen to. This is a slightly longer therapy and works best in conjunction with other treatments for faster relief. 2. Masking the ringing is the other most .monly used method around the world. With this remedy, a small device that acts more like a hearing aid is placed inside the ear. It emits a lower pitch of sound which counter acts the higher pitch of the ringing sound brought on by the tinnitus. This is a slightly more costly treatment, but it is highly effective and brings instant relief to those with the disorder of tinnitus. 3. Stress is the number one reason for tinnitus and there is a treatment called biofeedback which is widely used to deal with stress management and thus deal with the tinnitus condition. Other stress management treatments are very effective as well and those can include getting plenty of sleep, taking some time off of work to relax, getting regular massages, and basically setting aside time for you to relax and unwind from your busy and stressful life. Tinnitus is a difficult thing to live with and you can over .e it with natural treatment. It is important to act quickly before the problem .pounds itself. Getting a diagnosis from your doctor is the first place to start when treating tinnitus. Make sure you have someone else drive you so that the ringing in your ears does not affect your driving as it is known to do. If you do not have someone to drive you, taking a taxi is probably your best bet. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: