Traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea effect you recommend 6 common tea (6)

Traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea effect you recommend 6 common tea (6) 4, lotus leaf tea: lotus leaf tear into small pieces, into the cup, pour hot water, cover the lid, not hot when you can drink. Specific bubble depends on the taste of their own preferences, generally bubble to the color of tea can be. Take fresh green lotus leaf right amount, chop, add water boiling tea frequency drink. Effective for hypertension and obesity. Picked fresh lotus leaf, yellow, broken not, the lotus leaf first washed, and then dried, and then microwave oven for 2 minutes, lotus leaf tea is done, remember to add cassia seeds and only drink the first brew. Lotus leaf, big leaf medium cut, small pieces of cooked cassia seed, rose, large granule hawthorn, and mixture. Small package. One bubble each time, one bag is best to soak a cup of water, a cup of strong tea at one time. 2-3 packs a day. Function: people who want to lose weight are all suitable. But note the lotus leaf cold, physical deficiency (often feel weak and prone to fatigue, pale, pale lips, cold, afraid of blowing, cold hands and feet, love to drink hot drinks, eat hot food, often diarrhea, often urinate and pale, often delayed menstruation, blood clots, tongue color is light red. People who are not fit for menstruation and lactation and menopausal women are not fit for it. [6]

中医减肥茶效果好吗 推荐6款常见茶饮(6)   4、荷叶茶   做法: 荷叶撕成一小片小片的,放到杯子里,倒上热水,盖上盖子,不烫的时候就可以喝了。具体泡多少要看自己的口味喜好,一般是泡到有茶水的颜色就可以了。 取新鲜绿色荷叶适量,切碎,加水煮沸代茶频饮。对高血压、肥胖症有效。   摘来新鲜的荷叶,黄的、破的都不要,把荷叶先洗一下,再晒干,然后用微波炉烤2分钟,荷叶茶就做好了,记得泡的时候加决明子并只饮用第一次冲泡的。 荷叶,大叶中选片剪成的小片,熟决明子,玫瑰,大颗粒山楂,和混合。分小包装。每次泡一包,一包最好只泡一杯水,一次性喝一杯浓茶。每天2-3包。   作用:一般想减肥的人群都适合。但是要注意荷叶性寒,体质虚寒(常觉得精神虚弱且容易疲劳,脸色苍白、唇色淡,怕冷、怕吹风、手脚冰冷,喜欢喝热饮、吃热食、常腹泻、常小便且颜色淡,月经常迟来,血块多,舌头颜色为淡红色。)的人不适合,经期和哺乳期、更年期女性都不适合。       [6]   相关的主题文章: