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Health Do you want to sit among coughing and infectious patients for the treatment of a minor ailment like cold and flu? Nowadays, in this jet paced world, everybody seems like running in a steeple chase race with no finishing line. In these full plate schedules, if on arriving at a clinic to get yourself medicated for a not too severe bug bite if you are welcomed with an suggestion of booking an appointment, the first thing that comes to your mind will be, "wish! I have visited a walk in clinic instead." The concept of these come and go clinics is nothing new for Americans, almost every one of us is aware of these. These clinics are only to be considered in case of uncomplicated medical situations like cold and flu, warts, headaches, minor injuries, burns, strains, rashes, sprains, strep throat, backache, ENT infection (ear, nose, throat) and insect bites (non-venomous).These are famous among inhabitants by the names of retail clinics, retail based clinics and also convenient care clinics acronym as CCC. To that date, according to a ball-figure, the country is blessed with nearly one thousand three hundred and fifty walk in clinics, which are served by experts like physician assistants and nurse practitioners. These CCC units are located on easily accessible locations such as shopping malls, supermarkets and retail stores. Visiting a walk in clinic means a person can save him from various hustles like: Jump in anytime: unlike other medical clinics, visiting these retail clinics needs no appointment and if the medical condition is not life threatening, the patient will be treated on the spot and on emergency basis. Insurance claims: in walk in clinic means you are not required to fill the insurance claim forms for minor treatments. No big punctures in wallet: these clinics does not cause any big puncture in your wallet for a minor check up such for a routine pregnancy check up, the clinics charge $50-60. Non-rigid business hours: the business hours of these walk in clinics, are not rigid like other clinics. They offer their services generally 09.00AM " 19.00 PM during weekdays 09.00- 17.00 on Saturdays and 10.00 " 16.00 on Sundays (Check you timings, the mentioned ones are for a walk in clinic located at 6870, Dykes Road, Southwest Ranches, Florida) Although the services offered by these clinics are highly applauded for its quickness, yet these care units are not capable of handling life threatening and serious problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: