Webcam Spying Hate Crime Or

Arts-and-Entertainment Webcam Spying Trial against former Rutgers Student Ravi is trying to use the HATE CRIME because Tyler (victim) was a homosexual. Several Boston University Law Students were interviewed on this case in an ABC News special called "You Speak". Everyone interviewed seemed to agree that Ravi should be prosecuted for at least an invasion of privacy crime but all had strong feelings on the subject. "Hate crime laws in my opinion.. are unconstitutionally vague because they don’t really speak to what Ravi’s intent was. It only speaks to how Tyler felt. … do we have a hate crime? I don’t know but ten years is very harsh", Priya Elias Boston University Law "I think intentions to matter", Bonnie Hong Boston University CAS "I think it really depends on if he did it porously because his roommate was gay or if he was just trying to embarrasses him regardless", Leila Elihu Boston University CAS "the prosecutors sorta hinged the case on the fact that he would not have done this if the roommate was not gay …I do think there should be some leeway with boorish behavior. Your young, your kinda still learning the ropes. I think a lot of college is a learning experience. …it’s certainly going to help sending the message to other people. Saying we are going to take a hard stance if you bully. But at what cost are you achieving that?" Kevin Kozlowski Boston University LAW "I definitely do think it was a hate crime because of his malicious intent. But at the same time I think 10 years in prison for a person so young is a bit of a stretch. ..there are good things .ing out of it because it’s putting awareness in terms of laws around cyber bulling", Mark Orr Boston University CAS Ravi, knew his roommate was GAY and according to the facts pointed out during the trial it was a prank because Tyler would not let him in the room. Most students that were interviewed did not agree that it should be taken to the extent of a hate crime. The prosecution failed during the trial to prove that this was a hate crime because of the testimony of provided by Molly Wei who was in the room with Ravi while spying on Tyler. She was very adamant that it was only a prank. One question that was not asked during these interviews is; "Is it the fault of Ravi that Tyler .mitted suicide?" Hopefully and follow-up interviews can get the public’s opinion. Rhetorically speaking when are people accountable for their own actions? This is the first time Webcam Spying has been prosecuted and to ad on the hate crime aspect as well makes it a very .plex case. This is just the start when it .es to Webcam Spying cases. This problem is about to explode with WebRTC being introduced in all web browsers. Until people use a low tech solution to STOP webcam spying this problem will continue to grow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: