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UnCategorized It has been almost a year since this became law to make pools safe for users. (US Government website: Google pool safety, US gov, Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa safety Act or just go to our website listed below). So, how are things, what is new, how is it progressing? First off, many public pools have .plied correctly with the law. That is GOOD news. Many have installed unblockable drain covers in accordance with the law. There are still public pools (and spas) out there that are NOT .pliant and have done nothing. We have been in the pool and water business for over 30 years. We have be.e experts in unblockable pool drain covers and this law. Many many pool owners/ managers are confused. Or have been- we have cleared up lots of confusion. Laws (or interpretation of laws) have changed. There are concerns with federal versus state enforcement of the laws. Some public officials are unhappy with developments. Some feel it is their job to enforce state regulations and not federal. Local officials and inspectors are the ones that this boils down to, you must check with them to make sure your solution is .pliant. Add in that some fixes are incorrect. Either installed wrong, sized wrong and so on. Many pools and spas ended up spending much more than necessary with various retrofits when cheaper alternatives were available (like unblockable drain covers). There are a few (new or newer) .panies out there trying to capitalize on the market, and unaware of all the necessary requirements for re.mending the correct or most appropriate unblockable drain cover (or other solution). So, what can you do? If you are a pool or spa owner, MAKE SURE you are .pliant. That whatever fix you did IS correct, the proper size and so on. That your pool personnel KNOW how to operate and check the drain and/or equipment (AND that they ARE doing it!) You can contact us, or your local inspector if you are unsure. If you have not yet acted on your legal requirement to .ply with this law, do so IMMEDIATELY. Call us or another knowledgeable source. If you are a pool dealer, make sure your customers are all .pliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. If you deal in unblockable drain covers (a good idea), make sure your supplier educates YOU as to proper application of them. If you are a consumer, just Joe Q. Public who swims at the city pool, you can ask and make sure your pool is .pliant. You could contact your local inspectors or the pool manager. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: