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Business The ability to manage customers is one defining factor that separates your average worker from someone with management potential. Regardless of how careful you plan to operate your business, customers will always complain. So what can you do to help meet or exceed a customers expecations? 1. Don’t Lose Customers Losing a customer is a big deal, even if you already have a million of them. Not only will all of the money you spent on advertising go to waste, but that customer will no longer buy from you. This is a double whammy – you lose out on potential future revenue and your competitors gain. Of course, the worst thing about losing a customer is that they will tell all their friends not to buy from you as well. In these situations the people that are told what happen never get to hear your side of the story. The issue of damage control during any customer complaint is therefore very important. 2. Address Concerns An angry customer will often be rude, insulting, or even a danger to the sucess of your business. Customers that make a big deal out of things in the store can cause quite a racket, driving potential shoppers away. Other shoppers might wonder what happend that got the customer so angry to begin with and think twice about buying from you. Never talk loudly to a customer, always keep your voice calm and respectful. Make eye contact and begin with asking the customer how you can help them. This gives the customer the opportunity to tell you why they are upset. 3. Compensation Compensation is a tricky matter as it will cost your company money. Most often than not, however, you will need to offer a complete refund. Many customers today feel that complete refunds are not good enough. For example, they may have purchased the item for you for a business of their own and due to it failing it cost them revenue, or at the very least, their time. If you like, you can offer them a voucher for a free product or service, or increase what they have already bought to the next package up. 4. Keep It Empathetic If you come across as authoritative the customer will be even more annoyed than when he brought the matter to your attention. Instead, sympathize with the customer and let them know that if it were up to you things would be run differently (If it IS up to you, be sure to let them know that youll at the very least look into it for them). For example, if you are out of a particular item you can let the customer know that you will have a talk with your supplier. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: