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When did women get the most attention? Chaoyang mother Luo Xiaohang told you – mother Sohu in September 18, 2016, Beijing was many pregnant mother affectionately known as "Chaoyang mother" of the Beijing Luo Xiaohang Washington hospital visit by Beijing television famous Cao Yang presided over the "beautiful" and said, with the host, the number of guests to spend the theme of "Mamy Poko little secret" the current program. In several plates of the programme, "Luo mother" a detailed explanation on the related problems of puerperium, which shows several guests intimate interaction, the whole program full of knowledge, interesting and scientific. I am a woman, guess my happiest moment? The child was born, the family are immersed in the joy, when two men at home have been upgraded as national treasure characters: one is the mother, one is baby, at this moment, the most busy is the home of Optimus Prime: Dad adults. When asked: when is the happiest moment for a woman? Guests have said marriage, said that when his mother, is said to have a baby after the moment of happiness, finally gives the answer is the answer: warmth guests in a woman’s life the most watched thirty days! The president of the Beijing Washington hospital chief physician specialty: diagnosis and treatment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at common diseases and difficult diseases, perinatal care and management of high risk pregnancy. Work experience: graduated from Capital Medical University Department of clinical primary, Chaoyang District maternal and child health care center director director, engaged in clinical obstetrics and Gynecology and management work for more than 30 years, since 2000 in Beijing Chaoyang District maternal and child health care and obstetric quality management work. Social services: the original Chaoyang District maternal and child health center director director in 2000 in Beijing Chaoyang District maternal and child health care and Management Awards: Beijing was awarded the Chaoyang District science and Technology Progress Award and other honors more than ten. The confinement stress, "Chaoyang mother" one by one on the confinement, President Luo Xiaohang explained, from the delivery of the placenta to each body organs (except breast outside) the recovery takes about a month time, presumably this time everyone has guessed, is that women in the puerperium, folk known as "confinement". Foreigners do not Chinese to confinement, confinement? According to the Chinese and foreign maternal confinement have different problems, Luo answered the director: on the one hand, with the loss of labor itself intense physical exertion, wide body injury and a lot of blood, the cervix and postpartum in the open state, a large number of "big picture needs to be discharged, lochia" increases the risk of infection; the other immune system maternal will be endocrine suppression in pregnancy, postpartum recovery not immediately, it will further increase the incidence of gynecological inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, tetanus and even septicemia rate. Modern medical maternal mortality rate as high as 1.5%, which means that the women who died of postpartum complications can be accounted for more than 10% of the total number of women — which is the "confinement" of the mind, which is the protection of new women. In fact, the "confinement" is not Chinese unique, especially prevalent in East Asia, are.相关的主题文章: