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Who is the protagonist of "velvet winter makeup" makes you Level seconds up lead: every year beauty industry will appear a variety of hot words or words to say what is hot words this year in the fashion beauty world wantonly spread? Xiao Jia said "velvet velvet" is definitely one of them! (source: Claire network) when the Ganyu on velvet beauty looks like velvet texture can reflect many parts to costumes, makeup small nails, velvet can be combined with the hot words, most will play the supermodel star, has already been decorated on velvet! To say that once lifted Shuiguang muscle boom in Asia South Korea, with the winter atmosphere more and more strong, the Korean people began to lay down Shuiguang, playing a matte velvet semi matte makeup makeup makeup of this magazine’s reference to the sun, semi matte makeup is not completely dry in winter because of the fog, the fog will be completely bring the burden to the skin, so the choice of the velvet texture of the makeup, the skin can still give luster, but remove the shiny, keep hair texture, refreshing atmosphere. Yoona Yoona’s recent private photos, this is also semi matte makeup, lip biting lip with fuzzy, with good natural skin. Li Shengjing recently red to purple Li Shengjing, in the "Fairy" although weightlifting Jinfu bead light makeup, but white skin is good or very bright, as if the baby skin like dry tender velvet sense! Li Shengjing to participate in the activities of the other is playful with feminine skin with natural luster, but the choice of powder in the makeup blush or texture, more suitable for autumn and winter atmosphere. The sense of the goblin velvet Japanese makeup with a girlish blush slowly, Japanese goblin is so tempered! Matte matte lip lip is always hot in autumn and winter, with a velvet texture matte lip indeed can really bring lips sense, whether big or eat red ochre, velvet has always been a God assists! Lilymaymac with MLBB lilymaymac lip has been velvet lip followers, plump lips and rich color is her style Irene supermodel Irene good clothing needless to say, would have to send my coat to play up to play Irene lip velvet feeling, Burgundy colored lip color with a matte texture plus, turtleneck, winter is such a! Pony finally pony goddess of the big move, purple velvet lip makeup with poisoning dizzy, cold feeling full of exotic makeup! Velvet Matte color sense of these colors are very suitable for Velvet Matte sense of color, the color of pumpkin, brick red bean color, cool color raisin grape! When creating the first with velvet lip lip concealer to cover lip color, lip outline and full lip lip, the nail pressing off the grease luster, with cotton stick edge finishing, compact velvet completed lip! The nail nails can play velvet can play that velvet velvet how to play is good, you can also see the nail collocation and velvet!相关的主题文章: