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Why did Hilary win a straight vote and lose the White House? Original title: why Hilary won the direct vote but lost the White House? Author: Li Jiajia source: public number is not Mandarin "the 2016 election as a result shocked the world ends. Analysis of almost all of the polling data and scholars have gone wrong, the world leaders and institutions are stunned. Trump won the election, even the capital market spooked, the stock market plummeted, hedge panic spread everywhere. A lot of people look at the results of the election process, the first impression is that Trump obvious advantages, before midnight has been locked 270 electoral votes. However, after nine hours, with votes coming to an end, people once again surprised to find that the two candidates of the gap is not large: Hilary won California, New York, the population is extremely dense, and Trump’s red, he was swinging "with much land and few people, successful comeback, advantage is very small. If the calculation of the total number of direct votes (popular votes), Hilary won more than 230 thousand obvious advantages. In other words, if this is a one person one vote universal suffrage, the winner is Hilary. However, the unique electoral system of the electoral college, Jean Trump won a victory in history. This called "black swan" election has thus been recorded in history, becoming the second time since twentieth Century, the fifth time in the history of the founding of the United States, a candidate to win the most votes straight but lost the electoral votes in presidential elections. So, the establishment, by the founders of the world the one and only "electoral system, what is the operation? The historical origin of the electoral college in the first paragraph of the second chapter of the constitution of the United States, the president and vice president elected by the electoral college. The new democratic system between the British Parliament Election System — an understanding between people and one vote election system of this unique political system represents the founding fathers for the modern democratic system. The emergence of such a system is also closely related to the unique federal system of the United states. The Constitution guarantees that every state in the union can play a role in the presidential election, regardless of size. The electoral process includes three steps: the election of States after the election of electors; elections in January 6th of next year, the voters vote, the house of Representatives; the Senate officially announced the election of the president and vice president of the list. In January 20th of the next election, the president-elect will be sworn in as president of the Oval Office in United States of America. The "electors" and the "electoral college", called "College" (electoral), are made up of 538 electors, who are assigned to states in strict accordance with the number of members of each state. In the United States, each state has two senators, and members of the state according to the number of people (at least one). For example, every election is crucial in Florida, a total of 2 +27 =29 voters. The number of Representatives (435) plus the number of senators (100), plus 3 of the total number of people in Washington D.C., Wei相关的主题文章: