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SEO Investing in social media marketing is a great strategy for businesses as it is much less expensive than traditional marketing methods. With over one billion active users, Facebook now is the most popular social networking website in the world. It’s no wonder that Facebook is now the most sought online marketing platform for various types of businesses, ranging from local to multinational players. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post that quotes from Business2.munity, as much as 77 percent of B2C .panies and 43 percent of B2B .panies got their customers from Facebook. Professional web marketers now implement Facebook marketing campaigns for their clients to help enhance brand awareness and attract buyers. Importance of Facebook for Businesses Having a presence on this hugely popular social media site can help your business in many ways. Here are some the important benefits of using Facebook as your online marketing platform: Get re.mendations: An average Facebook user has more than 130 friends. So with a properly implemented Facebook campaign, you would get positive re.mendations from your customers and associates with similar interests. People are greatly influenced by these referrals from their friends or associates about your product or service. Enhance your online presence: Each month more than 30 billion pieces of content in the form of blog posts, photo albums, web links and news stories are shared among users. This means that posting blogs, images and videos on Facebook is sure to help your marketing messages go viral effectively and quickly. Manage your reputation: Even negative .ments can be overturned on Facebook. If customers .plain or air their issues on your offerings, Facebook offers you the opportunity to set this right. You can interact with them and help resolve any problem they may have with your product or services. Even physicians now use their Facebook profile to interact with their patients, answer their queries and address their .plaints. Get your brand endorsed: When customers like what you are offering, they express this on your Facebook page and spread the message too. So you get your brand endorsed – for free! Build leads: Facebook is a great way to build leads. You can make special offers on your Facebook page and get visitors to contact you. When you post content for your Facebook followers, take care to include regular links to the landing pages with your offers. External landing pages are crucial to drive leads through Facebook. Create data capture landing tabs and share links to your content on your page wall. Don’t forget to add the Facebook Like plugin & share buttons to content. The Huffington post article also reports that 488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile. So mobile marketing on Facebook holds a lot of potential for businesses. Why Professional Help is Important When implementing your Facebook marketing strategy, it is important to remember that people only want to engage only with people and businesses they recognize, like and count on. A professional SEO .pany can help you successfully implement your marketing campaign on Facebook. The right service provider can .e up with an innovative, customized plan and help you build a unique brand identity on the social media platform. This would include: Fan page creation: This boosts your brand awareness, number of fans and sales. Membership in business related groups: This helps spread news about your business and associate with other major players. Adding business-related friends: This strategy helps enhance your business presence. Profile creation: An effective Facebook profile page is very important. Daily updates: Posting fresh content daily will increase your Facebook page reach among users. Facebook fans and likes: Getting real fans and likes for your page to drive more targeted traffic. Facebook marketing is clearly more than reach, ‘likes’ or contacts. You need a professional approach to convert to business results. Choose the right SEO .pany to benefit from an effective and affordably priced social media optimization plan for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: