Wine some misunderstanding, I need to explain

Wine: some misunderstanding, I need to explain, the heavier the bottle, the better? Can old wine be drunk after sober up? Champagne champagne for Flute?…… Do you get confused about the "rules" of so many wines? In fact, a lot of rules are not so absolute. 1, red wine with meat, white wine with fish? Wine and food mix more often with the flavor of the wine than the type of wine. Thick wine needs to be packed with heavy food, and vice versa. If Steamed Perch collocation a thick Silas or Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is certainly not appropriate; and the taste is thick fish (such as tuna or swordfish) can red body is light Wine and a wine (such as Bo Ruo, Italy Bardolino Beaujolais Nouveau wine or Fry Pato Wine) perfect collocation. In addition, Salmon Fried collocation Pinot Noir extremely delicious, COD and Italy red Wine also very well. So if you prepare Greek style boiled mutton, lemon juice, oregano and olives, you can also think of a Assyrtico white wine from Santorini (Santorini). 2, the heavier the bottle, the deeper impression, the wine on behalf of the better? That’s not the case! The heavier, more impressive wine bottle can only represent the stronger self consciousness of the winemaker. 3, vintage wine to sober up? Don’t worry, not all of the old wine to sober up. Some expensive wines can sometimes be better by sober up, and their concentrated flavor and tight tannins will become more open and slippery after contact with the air for a period of time. But for some age too long Wine, like steak, has reached the most appropriate maturity, if sober, may have the opposite effect. My advice for vintage wine is to drink it after a few hours of bottle opening. You can also pour a small amount of wine in the cup, and then seal the wine bottle immediately after tasting the wine in the glass, and then wait for about 10 minutes, and then taste it, so you will know whether it needs sober up. 4, Beaujolais Wine body slender, old-fashioned style, no need to drink? Beaujolais Nouveau grape harvest in immediately after brewing, after a few months on the market, to provide the best Wine than the area of the. So, such as the above remarks Beaujolais Nouveau is understandable. But don’t forget, from 10 high-quality village Beaujolais (such as Morgon, Julienas and Fleurie) of the Wine taste complex, excellent quality, but the price is relatively low. 5. Is it impossible to bottle wine with a screw cap? It’s not that absolute. The culprit of cork flavor is a chemical called "TCA" that infects entire wineries. Once, I and a winemaker in Australia Barossa (Barossa Valley) in a restaurant, there is a bottle of red Wine with obvious corked, so she went nuts for the bottle cover in the garbage box, to obtain the Wine batch information, to Wine of surplus the batch test..

葡萄酒:有些误会,我需要解释下酒瓶越重越好?陈年酒要醒酒之后才能喝?喝香槟要用长笛形香槟杯?……对于这么多的葡萄酒“规则”,你是否会感到困惑?事实上,很多规则都是没有那么绝对的。1、红酒配肉,白酒配鱼?葡萄酒与食物的搭配更多的时候是要看风味的浓郁度,而不是葡萄酒的类型。厚重的葡萄酒需要搭配厚重的食物,反之亦然。如果清蒸鲈鱼搭配一款厚重的西拉或是智利赤霞珠葡萄酒肯定是不合适的;而口感较厚重的鱼(比如箭鱼或者金枪鱼)就可以和一款酒体较轻盈的红葡萄酒(比如博若莱新酒、意大利巴多利诺酒或者弗莱帕托葡萄酒)完美地搭配。此外,生煎三文鱼搭配黑皮诺极为美味,鳕鱼和意大利红葡萄酒也很相配。所以,如果你准备了希腊风格的煮羊肉、柠檬汁、牛至以及橄榄,你也完全可以考虑搭配一款来自圣托里尼岛(Santorini)的经过橡木桶陈酿的阿西尔提可(Assyrtico)白葡萄酒。2、酒瓶越重、给人印象越深,代表葡萄酒就越好?事实并非如此!更重、令人印象更深的酒瓶,只能代表酿酒师的自我意识更强烈。3、陈年酒都需要醒酒?别急,并不是所有的陈年老酒都需要醒酒。一些昂贵的葡萄酒有时候确实可以通过醒酒变得更好,其浓缩的风味以及紧致的单宁在与空气接触一段时间之后会变得更加开放和顺滑。但对于一些酒龄太长的葡萄酒来说,就像牛排一样,已经达到最合适的成熟度,如果再进行醒酒,可能会起到相反的效果。对于陈年酒,我的建议是在开瓶几个小时以后再饮用。你也可以先倒少量酒在杯中,重新封上酒瓶以后立即品尝一下杯中的酒,然后等10分钟左右,再品尝一下,这样你就会知道它是否需要醒酒了。4、博若莱葡萄酒体纤瘦,风格老套,没必要喝?博若莱新酒在葡萄收获后马上酿制,几个月之后就上市,不是该地区提供的最好葡萄酒。所以,如上面这般评价博若莱新酒是可以理解。但是不要忘了,产自博若莱10个优质村庄(如Morgon、Julienas和Fleurie)的葡萄酒口感复杂,品质卓越,但是价格却相对较低。5、用螺旋盖封瓶的葡萄酒是不可能有木塞味的?其实并没有这么绝对。导致木塞味的罪魁祸首是一种叫做“TCA”的化学物质,它可以感染整个酒庄。一次,我和一个酿酒师在澳洲巴罗萨谷(Barossa Valley)的一家餐厅吃饭,其中就有一瓶红葡萄酒带有明显的木塞味,于是她就去垃圾箱中找这瓶酒的螺帽盖,目的是获得该葡萄酒的批号信息,以便对该批次的剩余葡萄酒进行测验。即便如此,用螺旋盖封瓶的葡萄酒还是很少有木塞味的。6、红葡萄酒最好在室温下饮用?可能有时候的确如此。但是一般来讲,红葡萄酒的侍酒温度是低于室温的。如果在室温下饮用,会导致红葡萄酒的风味十分混杂。当然也没有必要拿出温度计,只需在饮用前稍微冰镇一下,看是否口感更佳。7、香槟就应该用长笛形香槟杯喝?其实,什么事情都是那么绝对。我就更喜欢用普通的酒杯喝,因为这样,香槟的香气可以更充分地释放出来,从而获得更多的乐趣。8、加冰块到葡萄酒中简直是亵渎圣物?不,如果你喜欢,你可以把冰块放到葡萄酒杯中。我也经常会这样做,因为这样可以更快地将侍酒温度降低。上周,我和一个朋友在的芭蕾舞剧院一起品尝香槟,当时,侍酒温度有点高,朋友说:“如果不是和你在一起,我早就将块冰块放在杯子里了。”放吧,这只是葡萄酒,并不是圣水。相关的主题文章: