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Winter to eat these three children! Can be much better than the meat – maternal Sohu as the saying goes, "a summer without disease three deficiency". In summer, people are a cold cold, spleen and stomach function has not recovered. After the winter, if food supplements, will increase the burden on stomach, digestion and absorption effects are not very good. With some nourishing vegetarian to tonic, can play a tonic effect, and will not increase the stomach burden, it is a good way to shoot two hawks with one arrow. Sweet potato. Also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato etc.. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, the sweet potato "lack of tonic, Qi, spleen and stomach, strong Yin" effect, make people less disease and longevity, can fill in, warm stomach, safety and other internal organs, so often suitable for tonic. Regular consumption of sweet potatoes can also maintain the flexibility of blood vessels to prevent atherosclerosis, cardiovascular system has a protective effect. Sweet potato porridge ingredients: Sambo glutinous rice (40 grams), sweet potato (a) accessories: Rice (30 grams), millet (30 grams) methods: 1, wash the sweet potatoes, rice, rice, millet prepared. 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into small pieces. Three meters together washing clean. 3, put cold water in the pot, into the wash rice. 4, sweet potatoes into the pot. 5, cover and pass on the power, press the button porridge. 50 minutes later the porridge is cooked. Sweet potato sausage stew ingredients: Sweet Potato (120 grams), sausage (moderate), rice (80 grams) methods: 1, sweet potatoes, sausage washed and cut into little pieces. 2, rice wash, into the pot, add sweet potato. 3, pour sausage, add salt, mix well. 4, add appropriate amount of cold water. 5, to stew cooking gear. The switch tripped out, continue to simmer for 10 minutes and then open. 6, pour into sesame oil, mix well after eating. Taro. Also known as taro, taro. Chinese medicine believes that taro flat, sweet, acrid, into the intestines and stomach, with benefiting stomach, intestines, wide phlegm, Buzhongyiqi and other effects, is very suitable to the tonic. Eat taro can fill the kidneys and liver, stomach, and Tim lean marrow, especially suitable for the weakness of the spleen and stomach, intestinal diseases and the elderly as a frail old man is edible, autumn jiapin. Ingredients: pork chop with taro taro (500 grams), pork (1000 grams) methods: 1, wash and chop the taro taro; cut into cubes; chopped shallot and ginger. 2, chop into boiling water to burn out. 3, pan, into the oil, add onions, ginger fried. 4, pour into the ribs. 5, pour soy sauce. 6, into the boiling water, cover slowly burn. 7, add ribs rotten head visualszto cooked. 8, add salt, chicken, pepper pot. Taro tofu shrimp soup ingredients: tofu, taro (Ban Jin) (Ban Jin), frozen shrimp (10) practice: 1, cut small pieces of tofu boiling water boiled fish. 2, ~相关的主题文章: