Xiamen BRT starting price should be adjusted to 1.5 yuan, the highest ticket price of 4 yuan g227

Xiamen BRT starting price to be adjusted to 1.5 yuan full fare 4 yuan to be the highest price adjustment scheme of Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter correspondent Lin Wen Li Chunni) the city intends to adjust the BRT fare. Yesterday, the municipal development and Reform Commission announced a proposed price adjustment scheme, according to the plan in December 5th will be held hearings on the price. According to the application of city development and Reform Commission has identified 15 hearing including operators, consumers and government personnel to participate. The hearing will be held in Jinyan Hotel on December 5th when the City Transportation Bureau will also detailed statement of BRT operation and application, and the reason of price adjustment measures, the relevant departments will listen to the views of all parties at the hearing. At present, the city has 7 BRT bus rapid transit line, the fee is the means of progressive pricing, ranging from full fare 7 lines for 1 yuan to 4.5 yuan. 1 according to the preliminary price adjustment scheme, BRT intends to adjust the fare per person starting within 10 km 1.50 yuan, after 10 km mileage price by 0.15 yuan full fare calculation of KM, the highest 4 yuan. Other ticket system according to the current valuation of 0.50 yuan and keep unchanged, the whole 2 yuan; E card 10 percent off card half price; students; families, workers, persons with disabilities, "two low" personnel, 65 people over the age of 5 kinds of specific personnel valid certificates or special E card free of charge. 3 at the same time, the BRT link line according to the regular bus ticket fare to be adjusted to the car, 1 yuan per person, the whole 1 yuan. The current scheme of BRT current charging scheme began in 2008, to adopt a progressive pricing approach to charge, E can enjoy 10 percent off discount: 1 (the first terminal – XiaMen North Railway Station): bus 0.5 yuan, the entire $3.5 fast 2 (First Ferry – Tongan hub station): bus 0.5 yuan, the whole 4.5 yuan (nearly 3 the first Pier – paving hubs): bus 0.5 yuan, 1 yuan (nearly 5 full paving hubs – Tongan hub station): bus 0.5 yuan, the entire $4 fast 6 (Qianpu hub station – XiaMen North Railway Station): bus 0.5 yuan, the entire $3 fast 7 (the first Pier – paving hubs): Car 0.5 yuan, the whole 1 yuan (Note: the full fare refers to the price from the starting point to end point station by station lines. The actual price is according to the passengers out of the station between the site from the automatic calculation of charge).

厦门BRT起步价拟调整为1.5元 全程票价最高4元   拟调价方案   厦门网-厦门日报讯(记者 林雯 通讯员 李春妮)我市拟调整BRT票价。昨日,市发改委公布了拟调价方案,12月5日还将针对该方案召开价格听证会。市发改委根据报名情况已经确定了包括经营者、 消费者、政府人员等在内的15名听证参加人。听证会将于12月5日在金雁酒店举行,届时,市交通运输局还将详细陈述BRT运营情况和申请调价理由、建议以 及各项保障措施,相关部门也将在听证会上进一步听取各方意见。   目前,我市有7条BRT快速公交线路,现行的收费方式是采取累进计价,7条线路的全程票价为1元至4.5元不等。   1根据初步的拟调价方案,BRT票价拟调整为每人次起始10公里以内1.50元,10公里以后里程运价按0.15元 公里计算,全程票价最高4元。其他票制按现行不变,保留0.50元和整元计价;   2 E通卡刷卡打9折;学生卡半价;烈属、劳模、残疾人、“两低”人员、65岁以上老人等5类特定人员持有效证件或专用E通卡免费。   3同时,BRT链接线的票价拟参照常规公交票制,调整为上车每人次1元,全程1元。   现行方案   目前的BRT收费方案2008年开始实施的,采取累进计价的方式收取,持E通卡可享受9折优惠:   快1(第一码头-厦门北站):上车0.5元,全程3.5元   快2(第一码头-同安枢纽站):上车0.5元,全程4.5元   快3(第一码头-前埔枢纽站):上车0.5元,全程1.0元   快5(前埔枢纽站-同安枢纽站):上车0.5元,全程4.0元   快6(前埔枢纽站-厦门北站):上车0.5元,全程3.0元   快7(第一码头-前埔枢纽站):上车0.5元,全程1.0元   (注:上述全程票价指的是各条线路从起点站坐到终点站的价格。实际票价是根据乘客进出站之间的站点距离自动计算收取的。)相关的主题文章: