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Xinhua International Commentary: BRIC cooperation True gold does not fear fire – International – original title: Xinhua International Commentary: Xinhua news agency, India Goa BRIC cooperation True gold does not fear fire on 14 October, (reporter Zhang Ning pure white) Eighth BRICs leaders meeting will be opened in India, fruit. Common expectations of the international community, this event will inject new energy to promote world economic growth, improving global economic governance and promote democracy in international relations. Since the birth of the BRIC cooperation mechanism, especially in 2008 after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the BRIC countries have been actively involved in global economic governance reform process, make a great contribution to world economic recovery. However, the western of the BRICs cooperation always bad mouthing the sound can be heard without end. Especially in recent years, the world economy is affected by external factors such as environment, as other countries in the world, the economic development of the BRIC countries also suffered different degrees of challenges, some experience in the throes of structural adjustment, economic growth suffered some headwinds, the Western so-called "BRIC eclipsed argument again. It should be noted that the stage of difficulty, should never become a bad mouthing BRIC reasons. In the long run, after the difficulties experienced by the BRIC countries, vitality will be more obvious, the pace will be more firm. This is not blind optimism. Many important international institutions are still optimistic about the prospects for economic growth in the BRIC countries. International Monetary Fund (IMF) 4 in the latest issue of the world economic outlook in the emerging markets and developing economies this year’s economic growth is expected to increase. IMF President Lagarde said that China, India and other emerging economies continue to maintain rapid growth, Brazil and Russia will begin to show signs of recovery. Look at the BRIC development, depending on its potential. BRIC bright prospects, the key lies in the BRIC countries are regional powers, has a wealth of natural and human resources, the vast domestic market, great potential for development and ample policy space. BRIC countries are the world’s major consumer goods market, accounting for about 40% of the world’s population, the scale of its economy currently accounts for more than 20% of the global economy. Experts predict that by 2020 the BRICs economies will reach 25% of the world, is an important engine of the world economy. Look at the BRIC development, depending on its trend. BRIC countries on behalf of the global economy, emerging, positive forces, this trend will not change. BRIC cooperation mechanism increasingly mature. On the basis of equal consultation, the BRICs countries have formed a comprehensive, wide-ranging and multi-level cooperation framework. In the economic and financial fields, the new BRICs development bank officially running, a series of projects put into the implementation of contingency reserve arrangements related work is also an orderly way; in the political and diplomatic fields, the BRIC countries on climate change, the Syria crisis and other international and regional issues of coordinate positions, joint action, promote the construction of new international relations to win-win cooperation as the core the. In September of this year’s group of twenty summit in Hangzhou, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the common innovation mode of growth, to improve global governance, and jointly safeguard international justice, promote international development cooperation 4 suggestions, provide a new direction for the development of the BRIC cooperation)相关的主题文章: