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The most primitive sound in the depths of the mountains of Yunnan, wanton collision with your soul – Sohu tourism people say that when you meet your loved ones, the time will be suspended. Really is like this. But people do not tell you, when the needle to resume rotation, it will be extremely fast, people can not catch up. Fortunately, the music has been. Yunnan shepherd band, is the most authentic Yunnan minority band. An obvious feature is that they have a basket and a bunch of musical instruments. This basket is captain A Jing, filled with hundreds of homemade and collected around the world playing musical instruments. He has an innate talent for music, from the age of seventeen, formed the band as the drummer in 2010, and the band members jointly established the shepherds grove band, responsible for many minority blow and voice, is a rare music geek. Captain Wang Niejing was born in Yunnan, Mojiang, is the people of the Lahu. Whether it is the flute, flute, ocarina, whistle, leaves, mouth and other common objects, becomes a wonderful instrument in his hand. Music is a wonderful thing, especially the mysterious minority music. Through the mutual collision between the airflow, friction and instrument, can play the wonderful notes belong to nature, sounds like a mountain like deep, quiet, free, ethereal like grassland. This time, the Yunnan shepherd band as a representative of the Department of music, came to Anhui Li Yang in lane. A weekend in mid October, such as sky blue wash, autumn scenery, Li Yang Xiang in more lively than usual, with some fourth, Liyang culture and art festival in the town of fashion gorgeous curtain. Show nature concert, Huizhou folk performances, traditional cheongsam show colorful, lively jubilant. Tonight, there will be a concert by the Yunnan shepherd band. The shepherd band through music will bring us back to the depths of the mountains, back to the Nu River Grand Canyon, near the Lancang River, Mo Jiangbei regression line, there are Pumi, Lahu, Hani gathering multi ethnic villages. Let the Yunnan ORIGINAL ECOLOGICAL NATIONAL mountains most pure voice, combined with folk, reggae, electronic, rock, and world music elements and mysterious dance, let the whole stage mysterious, lively, audible, see. He is the lead singer, baa fan rong. Pumi ancient Qin, mouth and sheepshead original music heritage, Pumi is history first and only a young man playing piano head. Over the years has been to the Pumi messenger inheritors of identity, participated in the size of the domestic type Pumi dance music, history and special performances. A fan of the Pumi language original, integration of the original music Pumi, Lahu family, Hani nationality, with cultural heritage as the goal, let the Yunnan mountains of the original ecological national pure voice, combined with folk, reggae, electronic, rock, and world music elements and mysterious dance, out of the mountains, to the the world. Drummer, Ding ben. From Yunnan province back to Jiangchuan lake, he studied percussion, graduated from Beijing MIDI Department has held a number of percussion, band drummer, in 2010 to join the shepherd group, responsible for all kinds of percussion and vocals. Music, bass, white. From Yunnan province Yuxi Luohe mountain.相关的主题文章: