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Zigong couple poison 4 sons brother envy of his own baby girl (Figure) if the time can turn back 20 years ago, 45 year old farmer Liu Qiang will not choose and his brother lived in a yard, so, 4 sons will not bizarre death. When father Liu Jiarong let two children live in a yard, in order to enable them to get along, but did not expect to start it is a vendetta. From the beginning of 1996 12 years, Liu Qiang and his wife each have a son, not 3 years of time, the son will cause various bizarre sudden deaths, the barefoot doctor can not find the cause of death, 4 sons rather baffling. Jealous brother-in-law son, but their daughter has been 12 years, Zhang Feng, sister-in-law with 4 sons, a poison rat brother-in-law home have been poisoned, only to let it die without descendants". Then, Zhang Feng and his wife and brother-in-law to pretend, a life together. Sichuan province Zigong city Fushun county (micro-blog) Dou Shan Zhen Zheng Yi Cun is located in a remote village in the mountains, but the Village hundred households. The village more than and 30 km from the county, the traffic is very inconvenient, the motorcycle is the main means of transportation import village villagers. The old man, Liu Jiarong, 70 years old, he has two sons – Liu Kun and Liu Qiang. The "haunted house" mystery things from 20 years ago. Liu Jiarong’s wife died in 1993. Just over a month, the younger son of Liu Qiang family many strange things. The first hundred pigs at home inexplicable death, death on the ground twitching, foaming at the mouth, pedal, nose and dark red blood out of the anus. Later, his family began to appear the same symptoms. But in January, dead, dead chickens everywhere. Subsequently, the symptoms begin in a family who spread, one family has convulsions, vomiting and other symptoms, remain unconscious. Especially Liu Qiang’s eldest son, Paul Liu, particularly severe symptoms. Liu Qiang and his wife Ma Fang, the timely rescue was a narrow escape. Paul Liu died in July 1996. For the cause of death, the local barefoot doctors also say why, just say dysentery. In June 2003, Liu Qiang’s two sons appeared the same symptoms. In April 2004, his three sons died. 8 years, three sons have minor symptoms of sudden death, and death is exactly the same. "It is foaming at the mouth, eyes bulged, bleeding nose." Liu Qiang couple thought "hit the ghost", has repeatedly to please local shenpo seek symbols, and big fortune. Strange things like dust in a radius of several kilometers diffuse. He invited CDC staff on their own homes in the soil, water quality, etc. were tested, the results were not abnormal. Due to abnormal death of poultry, was sent to the Bureau of animal husbandry were detected, without any disease. Ma, who is under 40, looks like an old lady. Liu Qiang countless memories, who is actually offended. In December 2006, Liu Hong’s son was born to the couple comfort the child, dignified and strong, looks very cute. This may be Liu Qiang’s last chance to be a father, he gave all his love to the son. Step by step after August 2008, Liu Jiarong farm work in the fields when the fall on the ridge, after being diagnosed with sudden cerebral hemorrhage, sentenced相关的主题文章: