86GREE electric record through arbitrage sniper raised rare benefits|GREE electric record through arbitrage sniper raised rare benefits8

GREE electric record through arbitrage sniper raised rare benefits hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million reporter Wang Dan reported in Shanghai in September 6th, GREE electric appliances (000651.SZ) early trading then open, eventually rose 7.28%. The day before, GREE electric harvest it after the resumption of the second daily limit, the day of the 7 billion 500 million funds sealed. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter learned that a lot of money as early as a month ago has been keen to look for the hidden arbitrage opportunities. However, the reality has proved once again, in the capital market to buy up is not easy, arbitrage is difficult. GREE’s resumption of the three trading days, although the share price rose is not false, but investors want to pass the fund assault arbitrage, but basically no benefits, but may be a loss. Arbitrage took aim at the twenty-first Century GREE Economic Herald reporter learned that, in August 19th, GREE announced a few days ago to purchase fixed assets increase plan, have arbitrage investors touched a sensitive nerve, in view of the previous geeya (300028), LETV (300104), Hua Linggang (000932) and other iron arbitrage case, they have "on the" GREE Electric has a good chance of resumption. In August 19th, GREE announced plans to acquire its 100% stake in the issuance of 835 million shares to shareholders to 15.57 yuan silver long Zhuhai stock price, at the same time to include the GREE group, the company ESOP and the original shareholders long silver investors such as the issuance of 642 million shares, raising 10 billion yuan for supporting financing. Although for this program, some market analysts then proposed low issuance questions that may harm the interests of small investors, but this does not cover up its trading opportunities, GREE Electric shares resume trading after the existence of a strong demand for widely optimistic investors. In February 20th this year, GREE began to suspend the operation, when the A-share market has not yet recovered from the A earthquake, the stock’s share price is also in recent years low. At the same time, during the suspension period, the stock market generally take similar appliances, Midea Group (000333.SZ), Hisense Kelon (000921.SZ), Qingdao Haier (600690.SH) have good performance. As a result, many brokerage analysts are also given to GREE to resume trading after the three or four limit expectations. Because of this kind of mechanism of resumption of trading for, if you want to buy in the market of the two direct profit opportunities are slim, so many investors think of arbitrage by heavily loaded GREE Electric’s stock fund, the difference of the valuation of shares and the actual resumption rose after earning funds. Flush iFinD according to statistics, as of the end of the two quarter, a total of 303 public fund holdings GREE, the largest holding 128, which holds GREE’s market capitalization accounted for the proportion of the total assets of the fund more than 5% of the fund has 24, more than 10% of the 7 positions, than on

04The 16258th phase prediction of lottery 3D prime code – temperature force of Sohu|The 16258th phase prediction of lottery 3D prime code – temperature force of Sohu4

The 16258th phase: prediction of lottery 3D prime code – temperature force Sohu 3D 2016257th lottery lottery number: 976, six groups of morphology, size ratio of 3:0, parity ratio of 2:1, and the value of 22, a span of 3. 3D2016258 lottery experts predict number: Number: the warm temperature code freeze, fell to 0, from nearly 10 the number of frequency, the next period to prevent prime codes temperature force. Quality prediction: the last issue of lottery results is 976, mass ratio of 1:2, analysis of the recent mass numerical omission trend, is expected to enhance the latest 258 prime trend. 012: 2016257 ratio 012 road 2:1:0, according to the number of this trend, period 0, 2 personal views about the number. Mean index: the average value of the previous period rose to 7 points, the recent change in the mean amplitude is small, it is recommended that this period to abandon the 0-2 range of decimal mean. Size ratio: the 257 phase of the award by the size of the proportion of 3:0 distribution, the number of large number of advantages, the latest 258 note that the top 1 small form back to fill